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Rational Radio airs Monday through Friday from 4-5 p.m. Rational is a political and news based talk show where you hear about the biggest topics locally, nationally, and world-wide.

On Wednesday’s Rational Radio turns into a special edition show called Beyond The Lede. During this cross-platform journalism show, reporters from The Temple News join our hosts to discuss local issues in the Temple and Philadelphia communities.

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Temple Student Government Candidates, Activate TU, on "Rational Radio"

Temple Student Government candidates Activate TU join John Cole and Alex Weaver on “Rational Radio” to discuss their candidacy platform.

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Philadelphia Magazine's Holly Otterbein on Rational Radio

Holly Otterbein, senior writer for Philadelphia Magazine, talks to John Cole and Gino Amato about her article, “Can Kevin and Brendan Boyle Save the Democratic Party?,” on WHIP Radio.


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WHIP Election Night Recap from The Draught Horse

WHIP’s Ryan Frascella and John Cole were LIVE for six and a half hours from The Draught Horse to break down the election.

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Battle on Broad Street: Toomey and McGinty Take the Gloves Off in the Final Debate

WRITTEN BY: RYAN FRASCELLA (@RyanFrascella) & JOHN COLE (@John__Cole)

PHILADELPHIA—Sen. Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty met for the second and final debate at Temple University’s Performing Arts Center on Monday night.  The two tackled a wide variety of issues ranging from tax policy to deploying American troops to fight ISIS.  The...Read More »

Philadelphia Inquirer DC Correspondent, Jonathan Tamari, Talks with Ryan Frascella and John Cole


Jonathan Tamari from the Philadelphia Inquirer took time to speak with Ryan Frascella and John Cole about the PA Senate race, as well as what to expect from the third and final Presidential debate, just 20 days ahead of election day.

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Wife of Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine, Speaks with Ryan Frascella and John Cole


Anne Holton spoke with Ryan Frascella and John Cole about the 2016 race, Donald Trump’s controversial comments, and how her husband complements Hillary Clinton, including what their vision is for the country is moving forward.


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Philadelphia Daily News Political Reporter, John Baer, Talks with Ryan Frascella and John Cole


Philadelphia Daily News Political Reporter Joins Ryan Frascella and John Cole to talk about the state of the 2016 election with just under a month left, as well as the highly contested Senate race between Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty.

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Gov. Bill Weld, Libertarian Candidate for Vice President, Speaks With Ryan Frascella and John Cole


Gov. Bill Weld, the Libertarian candidate for Vice President, spoke with Ryan Frascella and John Cole, following his rally at Temple University. Weld hit on some of the most prominent issues in the campaign as his ticket looks to increase their name recognition,...Read More »

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Visits Temple University


PHILADELPHIA—Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke to an enthusiastic crowd on Monday at Mitten Hall.  Clinton laid out her approach to attract millennial voters, just 52 days before the Presidential Election, and one week before the first presidential debate.  Clinton laid out her policies...Read More »

Robert Costa speaks with Ryan Frascella and John Cole

Robert Costa, a National political writer for The Washington Post, spoke with Ryan Frascella and John Cole ahead of the Presidential Election.  Costa has been covering the Trump campaign, and provided insight into his campaign as well as that of his challenger, Hillary Clinton.

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Mayor John McNally on Rational Radio

Youngstown, Ohio Mayor John McNally talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella about the DNC and the voters of Ohio.

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Rich Zeoli on Rational Radio

Rich Zeoli, talk show host for 1210 WPHT in Philadelphia, talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella about the DNC.

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Brent Johnson on Rational Radio

Brent Johnson, reporter for NJ Advance Media’s Statehouse Bureau in Trenton, covering Governor Chris Christie and state issues, talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella about Senator Cory Booker’s DNC speech and Governor Christie.

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Mayor Andrew Gillum on Rational Radio

Tallahassee, Florida Mayor Andrew Gillum talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella about the DNC.

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Dr. Terry Madonna on Rational Radio

Dr. Terry Madonna, Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College, talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella about the DNC.

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Jeff Schapiro on Rational Radio

Jeff Schapiro, political columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella about Senator Tim Kaine being selected as Secretary Clinton’s running mate.

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Kate Colaneri on Rational Radio

Katie Colaneri of WHYY, Philly’s NPR affiliate, talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella about the DNC.

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James Briggs on Rational Radio

James Briggs of the Indianapolis Star talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella on WHIP Radio about the selection of Mike Pence as Donald Trump’s running mate.

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Stu Bykofsky on Rational Radio

Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News talks to John Cole and Ryan Frascella on WHIP Radio about the DNC.

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Adam Edelman Joins Rational Radio

New York Daily News Political Reporter Adam Edelman joined Ryan Frascella, John Cole, and Joseph Williams to talk about the NY Primary and the recent campaigning in the Empire State.

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Beyond the Lede, Ep. 8

Ryan Frascella and Joseph Williams sit down with The Temple News in this week’s edition of Beyond the Lede.

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Stu Bykofsky Joins Rational Radio

Philadelphia Daily News Columnist Stu Bykofsky joins Ryan Frascella, John Cole, and Joseph Williams to discuss the proposed soda tax in the city of Philadelphia and compare it to some of the already existing taxes in the city.

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Katie McGinty Joins Rational Radio

US Senate hopeful, Katie McGinty, joined Ryan Frascella, John Cole, and Joseph Williams to talk about her senate campaign, as well as a few issues regarding the current state of American politics.

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Final Temple Student Government Debate

Listen as the Temple Student Government tickets debate their policies and answer student submitted questions!

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Rational Radio Discusses PA Pension Loophole

A loophole in the PA pension system allows convicted felons to continue to collect their pensions while in jail–this in the midst of a large pension crisis in the Keystone State. Ryan and Ryan discuss on Rational Radio.


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Philly Police Chief joins WHIP's Ryan Frascella

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced his retirement today and Rational Radio was one of the few places that had the chance to speak with him about his tenure in Philadelphia.

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Kristen Graham Visits Rational Radio

BY Ryan Frascella

Kristen Graham, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, joined the show today to talk about the troubles facing the Philadelphia School District with their new substitute outsourcing company.  Check out the Rational Radio exclusive below.


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Rational Radio Interviews Bob Patterson


Bob Patterson, former senior speechwriter for Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush and former senior policy adviser for the Department of Public Welfare under Governor Tom Corbett, talked with the hosts today about how the revitalization plan for the Camden Waterfront may not work...Read More »

Rational Radio May 1st

Listen in to the last Rational Radio of the semester! The crew discusses high-school senior pranks, the crazy weather recently, and we get a special appearance from WHIP GM Tae! Tune in to hear what you missed!

5-1-14 Rational Radio

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Rational Radio April 29th

On this episode of rational radio the gang discusses tornadoes in the southeast U.S., a  potentially fatal shooting in a Georgia FedEx, the Donald Sterling situation, and more. Tune in to hear what you missed!

4-29-14 Rational Radio

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Rational Radio April 24th

On this edition of Rational Radio, the crew (minus Claire) discusses the fast approaching end of programming, college athletes, fast food preferences, and a San Francisco Bay discovery!? Click the link below to hear what you missed out on!

4-24-14 Rational Radio

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Rational Radio April 22nd.

On this edition of Rational Radio, the crew discusses a drug bust on the main, Joe Biden visiting the Ukraine, and take a break from some Flyers vs. Rangers talk. Tune in to hear what you missed!

4-22-14 Rational Radio

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Rational Radio April 15th

On this edition of Rational Radio, the crew discuss SEPTA adding an all night subway line(!) on the weekends from June to Labor Day, the anniversary of a historic day in medicine, and rapper Meek Mill? Listen to see what you missed!

4-15-14 Rational Radio

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Rational Radio April 10th

On this episode of Rational Radio; Greg, Courtney, Lizzy, and Claire tackle the Murraysville school stabbings, Stephen Colbert becoming a late night talk show host, and sexual abuse controversies.

4-10-14 Rational Radio

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Rational Radio April 4th

Greg, Courtney, Lizzy, and Claire discuss TSG student elections, the Fort Hood shooting, and Lion King on a plane!? Check it out!

4-3-14 Rational Radio

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On this edition of Rational Radio, the crew discusses the end of Flappy Bird, the slaughter of a giraffe at a zoo in Denmark, the never-ending snow and Greg’s grade school Valentine’s Day woes.

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Greg Keating's Paternal Quest

(image via Gawker)

Rational Radio and Late Night Jazz host Greg Keating has officially gone viral with a plea to finally meet his “long lost father”, late night host Conan O’Brien. Greg’s Youtube clip directed at O’Brien quickly spread across the internet since first being...Read More »

Rational Radio 2013 Finale - December 4th

  • What Songs To Sing?
  • Black Friday, Brown Thursday, and Giving Tuesday
  • Pope Francis- Former Club Bouncer?
  • NYC Train Crash
  • College Kids Don’t Know About World War II
  • Time To Sing! Greg Breaks Out His Saxophone
  • “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”
  • Is the Website Down?
  • “Frosty the Snowman”
  • Putting Things In Your Nose...Read More »

Rational Radio Thanksgiving Show!- November 26th

  • Philadelphia Police Department giving back to the community
  • Holiday Activities around Philadelphia
  • Therapy Dogs on Campus for Study Week!
  • Holiday Travel
  • Fake Thanksgiving “Nor’easter”
  • Being Stranded At An Airport
  • Getting Together with Family (and Pets)
  • What Is “Throwing Shade”?
  • Family Gift Exchanges
  • Family Cooking
  • The History of Thanksgiving (with Aaron Stevens)
  • Thanksgiving Fun Facts!
  • Thanksgiving Foods Through Time
  • Ikea’s...Read More »

Rational Radio November 14th

  • “215rats” Instagram
  • Ryan Ferguson Released From Jail After 10 years
  • Veteran w/ Service Dog Kicked Out of Pizzeria on Veterans Day
  • Man Steals Backhoe & Drives From Lancaster to Philly
  • Obama In Town
  • Philadelphia Orchestra Touring the World
  • Mayor Nutter Jumps Off Building (For Charity)
  • The Big Story– Being A Good Roommate
  • Cleanliness
  • Sharing Food
  • Best/Worst...Read More »

Rational Radio November 5th

  • Anonymous’ Million Mask March
  • The Employee Non-Discrimination Act Passes the Senate
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
  • Mayor Nutter’s Plans for Philadelphia
  • The Big Story– Slut Shaming
  • Interview with the founder of Hollaback Philly, Rochelle Keyhan
  • Catcalling and Name calling
  • What is a “slut”?
  • “Slutty” Halloween Costumes
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Rational Radio Halloween Spooktacular!

  • Anderson Hall Assault Arrest
  • Hawaii Marriage Equality Passes
  • Electronics Now Allowed on Planes
  • Israel Bombs Syrian Missile Storage Site
  • The Big Story– Halloween!
  • Josh is All Dressed Up
  • Costume & Candy Stories
  • Counting Candy Calories
  • Favorite Candies
  • Favorite Movies
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Rational Radio October 29th

  • Anderson Hall assault on a professor
  • SEPTA introducing Wifi into their system
  • Penn State lawsuits after the Sandusky incident
  • THC-laced candy bust at West Chester University
  • Lou Reed interlude
  • Interview with Mukeke James from Temple’s Society of Emerging African Leaders (SEAL)
  • The Big Topic– The State of Modern News
  • Where we get news...Read More »

Rational Radio October 24th



We talked about Temple’s future building plans and the box cutter murderer

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Rational Radio October 22nd



We spoke about Marriage Equality, and Gun Laws.


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Rational Radio - October 15th


The Willington Standoff and Temple’s response.

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Rational Radio - October 11th


We discuss the ‘Silk Road’ drug trade, College Dating and relationships.

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Rational Radio - October 9th


Same Sex Marriage and Spring fling Cancellation

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Chestnut Hill: Wellspring At St. Martin's In the Field

By: Aaron Stevens & Christine Mattson

The Church of Saint Martin-in-the-Fields in Chestnut Hill is reviving spirituality in the community with its new program, Wellspring. The program’s intent is to provide an outlet for a less structured...Read More »

Under The Microscope

On our last show of the semester we put mental health care in the United States ‘Under The Microscope’


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