10 Supposed Gang Members Arrested for Burglarizing Celebs Home

WRITTEN BY: Victoria Leese

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Rhianna and MLB Star, Yasiel Puig, were amongst the group of celebrities whose homes were invaded by a group of gang members.

Tyress Williams, 19, was arrested for breaking into Rhianna’s home in October. Three other suspects were charged but then later released due to a further investigation that is currently pending. However, Jshawne Daniels, 19; and Dmaji Hall, 18, were rearrested and charged with the burglary following a statement released by NBC Los Angeles and City News Service.

The celebs were targeted due to their social media accounts implying that they would not be home allowing for the burglary to take place.

Items stolen during the home invasions were jewelry, cellphones, and thousands of dollars in cash. The items were later recovered.

Celebrities including LeBron James, Viola Davis, and Matt Damon were said to be targeted as well.

Seven others including Hassan Deontre Murphy, 19, Joseph Holley, 22, Lance Williams, 18, Devin Garner, 24, Ron Simmons, 20, Donnie Faizon, 21, and Elan Lamberto Gabourel, 25, were charged as well. All 10 defendants are confirmed as gang members.


Source: E! Online.


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