Why People are Protesting Matthew Whitaker’s Appointment | WHIP News Crackdown


FRIDAY 11/9 | On this special episode of the WHIP Weekly News Crackdown, we ignore the midterms, campus news, and everything else we were going to cover this week. Instead, we’re focusing on President Trump’s effective firing of now-former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the appointment of Matthew Whitaker in his place. This decision has kicked off protests in major cities across the nation, and understanding why it has received such a heavy reaction takes a bit of explanation.

This topic is a bit too important to blow in a two paragraph news blurb – so on this WHIP News Crackdown, we wade in deep: Why has the replacement of AG Jeff Sessions caused so much outrage? What is the Russia probe and why do many argue for its protection and independence? What do we actually know about the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government, and what is at stake?


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