Activate TU Wins Temple Student Government Election


Temple Student Government elections were held on April 4 and 5, with Activate TU being announced the winner on Friday, April 7. The race was incredibly tight, with Activate TU edging out Connecting TU by just 56 votes

TSG President-elect Tyrell Mann-Barnes released a statement to WHIP News.

“On behalf of Activate TU, we are extremely excited to represent the student body,” Mann-Barnes said. “It is imperative that we work to include all of our voices while elevating the needs of students in a purposeful and meaningful way…. Activate TU will continuously engage all voices and actively build meaningful relationships.”

Ari Abramson, Connecting TU’s presidential candidate, also released a statement in response to the election results.

“I am incredibly proud of Connecting TU’s morality for running a strong and ethical campaign,” Abramson said. “We were able to draw attention to core issues surrounding the Temple community, build relationships around campus, and have fun while doing so.”

According to Temple Student government’s twitter, 5,180 votes were cast this year, 1,068 more than last year.

Temple student Tori Smiley, talks about the importance of Temple Student Government.

“I think it’s important for a student body to hear student’s opinions,” said Tori Smiley, a Temple student who voted in the TSG election. “Sometimes I feel like our opinions can be overlooked, so having other students speak for us can be helpful.”

The Temple community can keep up to date with Temple Student Government through general body meetings or its Twitter account, @TempleTSG.