ALBUM REVIEW: Endless Cycle by Window

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

In 2020 there is no shortage of new electronic or EBM music and a new release via Third Coming Records was just put out. Window is a collaborative side project of Dylan Travis (Some Ember) and Reuben Sawyer (The Column, Anytime Cowboy). For anyone that may have missed them, Sawyer recently released new material with both of those aforementioned projects and Travis put out a new single and went on an extensive tour throughout Europe supporting Tamaryn. Both found time in their busy schedules for another collaborative endeavor. The finished product is five hard hitting, industrial, darkwave/synth inspired tracks that bring the energy and atmosphere through the course of the EP.

Window has been around since 2014 and have released material as the group has had time to collaborate. One of biggest strengths of this project are the diversity in the tracks. Some sound like straight forward EBM songs, while others are loud and abrasive with some harsh vocal tones and really dark instrumentation. According to their Bandcamp page, “this is the sound of those driven mad by the lust for civilizations end. Swarming synthesizers and shrapnel vocals paint a picture of creeping destruction, while steady rhythms trudge on gladly throughout the aftermath. All that remains in sight is the vacant city streets under a canopy of dust.” 

This record begins with “Ashen.” Its synth inspired dance beat, and reverb heavy, echo effected vocals really capture the anarchic atmosphere this project wishes to present. Its dancey, loud, and dark. What stands out are the vocals. They carry such a doom inspired vibe that spread throughout the EP. “Desert” begins with some ambient sounds and a kick track. The synth slowly works it way into the mix as the track is beginning to build as vocals become apparent. The entire time the track is much more toned down than the previous. It keeps a lower profile but it’s enough to keep the momentum of the EP going as the duo incorporate some really lush and detailed soundscape effects moving throughout the background of the track. “Endless Cycle” brings the energy back up. The vocals are more chaotic than ever, the claustrophobic industrial backed synthesizers keep a pacing that’s tight but also really wild. “Carbon” with its more synth and darkwave style brings up the dance elements to the max as this is the type of song that will make its way into plenty of playlists with its really infectious synth lines. “The Stone” is perhaps the perfect encapsulation of the description of the project on bandcamp. It paints a picture of a kind of end of the world scenario as the synths are darker, and the vocals are more gnarly. 

This project is not to be missed by any. The fact that both Sawyer and Travis were able to put together such a great collection of tracks even with their busy schedules shows how dedicated to their work the two artists are. This feels like such a massive project and the attention to detail is surely noticed. Some of these tracks are infectious and stay with the listener even long after they are over. The most notable has to be the vocal effects as they are both wild, and experimental. This is a great release that shouldn’t be missed!

For Fans of: Some Ember, The Column, Anytime Cowboy


  1. Ashen
  2. Desert
  3. Endless Cycle
  4. Carbon
  5. The Stone


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