Album Review: “Sleeping Through The War” by All Them Witches

"Sleeping Through The War" was released by All Them Witches on Feb. 24.
“Sleeping Through The War” was released by All Them Witches on Feb. 24.


Neo-psychedelia is modernized and perfected by All Them Witches through its latest release, “Sleeping Through The War.” Rich in bluesy guitar riffs and hypnotic space jams, the eight-song LP is what I imagine the love child of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and Pearl Jam would sound like – a combination of soulful and melancholic instrumentation coupled with audible elements of stoner rock.

The album’s single, “Bruce Lee,” is groovy and melodic, with strong and steady guitars that are reminiscent of rifts produced by the legendary Jimi Hendrix and the soulful shreds of Jimmy Page. Fast-paced drums and blistering bass lines bring a contemporary feel to the single, while the song’s short and concise nature is a break from the longer, more blues rock driven songs on the album.

The LP’s longer songs are mesmerizing, showcasing the band’s raw talent as well as the quality production of the album. Vocalist Charles Michael Parks Jr.’s voice is smooth and distinct. The last track on the album, “Internet,” showcases his clear, distinctive tone, while the song’s addition of the harmonica amplifies the bluesy elements of the album.

Throughout the entire album, the lyricism is simple, yet purposeful as it compliments the mesmerizing, often slow-paced instrumentation of the record. Songs like “3-5-7” capture this aspect of the album, solidifying the contemporary rock that defines All Them Witches.

The Nashville natives will be in Philadelphia at Johnny Brenda’s on March 9th.


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