ALBUM REVIEW: Triple Negative by Total Rubbish

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

The time has come for the release of Triple Negative from Philadelphia’s own Total Rubbish. Total Rubbish is made up of Bre Steinfeldt on bass, Cass Nguyen on guitar/vocals, and Kiki Schiller on drums. This is the debut release for the Philly 3-piece band who explore different variations of alternative rock and shoegaze elements throughout these five songs. This collection serves as the band’s first proper release since announcing the project towards the end of the summer. So, what was the initial response of the band? Oh, only signing to Born Losers Records, one of Philly’s most distinguished indie labels, and their debut single “Honey Ryder” claiming thousands of streams in the matter of months leading up to the launch of this EP. The song is currently only a small bit away from sixty-thousand streams on Spotify. This band brings a familiar sound that was popular in the 90s, but modernizes it. The fuzzed-out guitars, booming bass and drums, and reverb-soaked vocals all bring about a 90s alt-rock sound that never gets old. Total Rubbish are actually that band to watch out for, because Triple Negative, from front to back is perfect. 

The band released their first single back in September, and the buzz went off. Their debut single, “Honey Rider,” became an instant classic, and people flocked to go pre-order the EP in cassette form via Born Losers Records (who you may recall also released the Philly based duo, Korine’s, latest work). One of the best aspects of this EP are the contrasts in the song styles, whether it’s the dreamy “Someone Else’s Dream” or the guitar heavy distortion of “What’s Your Damage?” the EP shows the band’s range. The two following tracks “Kids,” and “Bad Luck, Baby” find a nice middle ground of the two previous sounds. The work comes to crashing halt with the closer, none other than the crown jewel of Total Rubbish, “Honey Ryder.” This song put Total Rubbish on the map and didn’t disappoint. 

What’s left to say about Total Rubbish? They are simply wonderful. Triple Negative is a great collection of songs that should be enjoyed by all. This band really did come out of nowhere, and their new presence rocked the Philly music scene. They teased via their social media that they recently got together to film a live session, which hasn’t been given a release date yet, but that is something to look forward to. It is a shame they aren’t able to play live shows at the moment, but once they are, those tickets are going to fly. Tapes and T-shirts are available via their Bandcamp and Born Losers Records website, and they are moving fast. Go support a great group of women making some of the best sounding rock music out this year. Total Rubbish is yet another great band that Philly is proud to call their own. 


  1. Someone Else’s Dream
  2. What’s Your Damage?
  3. Kids
  4. Bad Luck, Baby
  5. Honey Ryder


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