ALBUM REVIEW: Void Moments by FACS

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

The third release for Chicago three-piece FACS is out in the world via Trouble in Mind Records, which is also a local Chicago label. The band was founded in 2017 and comprises of Brian Case (Guitar + Vox), Noah Leger (Drums), and Alianna Kalaba (Bass). Both Case and Leger played together in a band called Disappears, so they knew they were familiar with their playing styles. They later added Kalaba and the lineup was solidified. The group combines various elements of instrumental, and post-punk, with somewhat gothic tendencies. 

“Boy” begins Side A with vocals from Case that work their way into the rest of the band as they mesh together to create a grand orchestra of wild and experimental sounding music. The track ends with some chaotic guitar work from Case that moves into “Teenage Hive.” The pounding drums, vocal performance and deep baseline creates an experience that’s dark and also mind bending to listen to, especially halfway through the track where it becomes an almost freestyle of instrumentation as each of the band members begin to flow and do their own thing. “Casual Indifference” begins with a really lo-fi sounding guitar jangle that’s pleasant but also frightening. “Version” is dark and incorporates a guitar tone that is atmospheric and deep, and almost reminiscent of some shoegaze type elements to the tone. The track builds and becomes an unleash for Leger on the drums as he pounds away with abandonment. The guitar later becomes unhinged and they combine for some beautiful noise. The drum tracking on this should be highly commended as it sounds both wild, full, and overall massive. 

“Void Walker” uses some really nice melodic guitar work that blends in and out with the vocals as the overall production of the track is a long- winded jam that never loses energy. Again, Leger is front and center with absolutely mind-blowing drum fills. “Lifelike” serves as an entirely instrumental track where it seamlessly blends with the concluding track “Dub Over.” Its swirly guitars and opening musicianship is somewhat reminiscent of an old Bowery Electronic song. It’s atmospheric, and attention grabbing. This is the moment where so many different musical styles come together, which has been such a major plus for FACS. The ending of the track adds some robotic sounding lyrics that are nauseatingly incredible to listen to. The guitar is left to sustain for the last few moments as it finally rings out into silence.

This is an incredible record for FACS. They have only been together for three years yet have created an iconic sound that is their own. Combining so many elements from industrial, shoegaze, post punk, and even drone rock, is such a difficult task to do, but FACS is able to do it with such dexterity. This is a record that Henry Rollins has been praising on his radio show since its release, and for good reasons. This record should be enjoyed by all, and really dispels the myth of “rock is dead” because if the genre will morph into anything like what FACS has put out with Void Moments, the genre is in great hands.

 For Fans Of: Disappears, Deeper, The Hecks

Track List:

Side A:

  1. Boy
  2. Teenage Hive
  3. Casual Indifference
  4. Version

Side B:

  1. Void Walker
  2. Lifelike
  3. Dub Over


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