Arlie Interview with WHIP

WRITTEN BY: Brittany Rizzo

PHOTOS BY: Siena Sohn

If you’ve checked out Arlie’s Facebook page you’d know that they describe their sound as  “lo-fi, sci-fi, wi-fi, psychtyke-surfturf-bedroomheadroom, moptop, doowop, bebop, tweepop.” And if you saw them this Monday night at Johnny Brenda’s, you’d know that a simple “amazingly rad and kick ass” would suffice.

The Nashville based band arrived in Philly with a broken phone, injured guitarist, and wonky pedal board, but when they hit the stage these touring woes were nonexistent. Seemingly nothing got in the way of Arlie’s performance. Guitarist Carson Lystad played in a leg brace with a smile on his face as if he didn’t spend that morning in at the emergency room. The happy-go-lucky attitude of Arlie was audible through their set. Show goers swayed to the indie groove of the band’s set and for a moment we forgot it was Monday and below freezing outside.

This was an incredible feat for a few college kids from out of state. Their age and newness to the city only amplified their beaming stage presence. Arlie’s bright eyes and passion for playing was mirrored in the crowd’s reception of the music. Cheers erupted in the tiny dive bar in between each song, making the broken phones, bones, and pedal boards more than worth it.

When speaking about his leg injury, Lystad jokingly said that Arlie expected this tour to be a “tour of learning.” After a night at Johnny Brenda’s a few things were learned. Arlie is the rising new face of indie and Philly loves a good lo-fi, sci-fi, wi-fi band.

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