Bastille Rocks the Liacouras Center!

By: Veronica Moyer

Bastille opened up their “Bad Blood” The Last Stand Tour on the North side of Broad Street last night at Temple’s own Liacouras Center.  The show opened with a Los Angeles based band calling themselves Grizfolk.  Grizfolk’s sound is very different from a lot of other groups out there right now because they jump from country sounding melodies to rock-like guitar riffs which makes for a spectacular live performance.  Their EP From the Spark was released in March 2014 and it is definitely something to check out!  Bastille opened their set with Things We Lost in the Fire and put on a great live performance filled with crazy light effects and definitely a lot of fist pumping by lead singer, Dan Smith, who admitted that his dancing skills were limited it that and the occasional jumping up and down.  Smith also jumped right into the crowd with his fans during the song Flaws.  The band closed their show with their big hit Pompeii and brought their friends Grizfolk out to join them.  Bastille hits New York for a back-to-back show at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday and Friday this week but there’s nothing like kicking off a tour in the city of brotherly love!

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