Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Global Citizens Festival Performance No So Global

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WRITTEN BY: Rickey Alford Jr.

Beyonce and Jay-Z put on a show stopping performance as headliners of  South Africa’s annual Global Citizen Festival. This year’s was particularly special as it served as a tribute to the late Nelson Mandela. Special guests included Ed Sheeran and Pharrell while the Carters’ set was a sight to see. Too bad it could only be seen by those in the stadium.

The festival was live streamed but to the surprise of many fans, only 25 minutes of the Carters’ performance was streamed before cutting to a performance of a South African artist from earlier in the day.

This did not go over well with fans. One fan tweeted, “”I don’t know if I need to feel happy that Beyoncé gave us 25 minutes or sad that she cut us off!”.

The term ‘global citizen’ began trending on Twitter by angry fans who were met with a statement from the festival’s broadcasters official account saying that, “Beyonce & Jay-Z’s full show remains exclusive to those who earned their tickets. i.e. Those at the stadium,”.

One may wonder why only their set was preserved as an exclusive, but the fans wanted answers. Even though they never got any, they did find alternatives. One fan at the festival was kind enough to Periscope the entire show so that those who were not there could still experience it. All’s well that ends well !



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