Bieber Isn’t Getting Too Much Fever Down Under


By: Ben Palestino

Recent reports are showing that Justin Bieber’s bad boy tactics don’t seem to be pleasing Australia’s Bieber fan’s.  Concert ticket sales have not been a big hit down under for Bieber and many people think it’s because of his recent allegations and actions. Recent headlines and reports of Justin’s reported brothel bust with a 27 year-old alleged porn star in Brazil didn’t make Australian fans to happy which led to a major decrease in ticket sales. A spokesperson for, which is a major ticket seller in Australia, recently stated that people have lost interest in Justin and ticket sales are selling 41 percent cheaper than his last year’s tour. It doesn’t seem like this “Bad Boy” image isn’t working out to well for Bieber, maybe it’s another Miley Cyrus gig, or just the end to the once heartthrob, eight-teen year old, Canadian pop star.


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