Boston Manor @ The Voltage Lounge

WRITTEN BY: Meredith Tracey

Last Friday, Boston Manor played a classic pub show right here in Philadelphia. The Voltage Lounge was filled to the brim with people looking for a taste of the British pop punk band, and they got it. At a 300-person cap, the vibe was that of a laid-back group of friends getting together again. This music scene is a family, if you don’t know someone at the beginning of the show, you will by the end- and chances are, you’ll see them again in a few weeks.

   The Philadelphia date of their first headlining tour in the U.S. hosted four openers; Save Face (a local NJ band), Hot Mulligan, Homesafe, and Free Throw. Each of these bands brought something different to the table, all full of pop punk bangers with a flare mixed in that is unique to their respective bands. Free Throw brought major Turnover vibes, if you’re into that. (p.s.- if you are into that, Turnover is playing the Union Transfer on April 20th.You’re welcome.).

Finally, the long-awaited headlining performance of the U.K.’s own, Boston Manor began just as the sun was setting behind the venue. I have to say, as a casual fan of this band for a few months now (after seeing them open for Knuckle Puck just last month), this band is onto something. Now at the end of an album cycle for their 2016 release, called Be Nothing, the band was finally able to give American fans what they’ve been craving since hearing it.

Although there is no official word on a new album coming soon, there is totally a new album coming soon. The band released a song in December called Drowned in Gold, off of what could potentially be their next full-length project. Word on the street is they’ll be back on tour in the U.S. in the fall, and I can confidently say I wouldn’t miss it for the world. This band is going to do big things!


Set list:

  1. Lead Feet
  2. Trapped Nerve
  3. CU
  4. Kill Your Conscience
  5. Broken Glass
  6. Stop Trying, Be Nothing
  7. Fossa
  8. Forget Me Not
  9. Burn You Up
  10. Laika