Bryson Tiller @ The Mann


On September 11th 2017, it was the perfect night for a concert at the Skyline Stage at the Mann Center. As I walked up to the venue, Metro Boomin’ was spinning some of the hottest tracks of today and getting the crowd hyped up for some Bryson Tiller. The other opener was H.E.R., whose angelic voice and slow jams went a lot better with the ‘Bryson Tiller vibe’ than Metro Boomin’. Metro Boomin’ closed out his set asking where he can get a real cheesesteak in Philly (Dalessandros, of course), and the crowd was ready for Tiller to make his entrance.

As the stage lit up, and the intro to ‘Rain’ off of latest album “True To Self” began, (which is a sample from SWV’s ‘Rain’) I turned to my friend and said, “the first song is definitely going to be ‘Self-Made’. Sure enough, as soon as Tiller appeared on the stage his hit song ‘Self-Made’ came on and fans went wild. Tiller’s first studio album, released two years ago, “T R A P S O U L”, was wildly successful and played a big part in his latest album’s success, “True to Self” released over Memorial Day Weekend. Tiller played an even mix between songs of his first album and second album, and definitely gave the people what they wanted. He also had an even mix between slow and fast songs, which kept fans intrigued since he generally plays slower songs. Some crowd favorites from the night include, ‘Sorry not Sorry’, ‘Exchange’, ‘Wild Thoughts’ and ‘Don’t’. My personal favorites were ‘Honey’ and ‘Been this Way’.

I had the chance to see Bryson Tiller at Made In America last year, but I was not impressed. He seemed nervous and didn’t sound quite as good live. However, this time around he absolutely killed it. His voice sounded beautiful, and he was great at engaging the crowd and getting them going. Tiller even admitted that he had been nervous on his previous tour, but is now comfortable and wants to give his fans the best show he can possibly put on since he is so blessed to have made it this far. Tiller closed out his set with encore ‘Set It Off’, which was predictable considering his tour is called ‘Set It Off’.

Overall, the Skyline Stage was a great venue for Tiller to wrap up his tour in North America, which is closing out this week. Tiller put on a hell of a performance, and there’s no doubt that he’s going to keep getting bigger and becoming more successful.


  • Self-Made
  • Blowing Smoke
  • Let ‘Em Know
  • Don’t Get Too High
  • Sorry Not Sorry
  • Honey
  • No Longer Friends
  • High Stakes
  • Before You Judge
  • Exchange
  • Stay Blessed
  • Somethin’ Tells Me
  • Run Me Dry
  • Wild Thoughts
  • Rambo
  • 502 Come up
  • Overtime
  • Been This Way
  • Don’t
  • Set It Off