Cardi B and Offset SPLIT!

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WRITTEN BY: Kaylee McNeil

Cardi B confesses in a recent video that her and her husband Offset have decided to officially split. She expressed that they both had been trying to work things out for a long time and that it is no one’s fault; they simply have fallen out of love, but still remain good friends and business partners.

To some this news was shocking and out of nowhere, considering they just had their baby, Kulture Kiari Cephus, only a few months ago. To others it seemed simply inevitable considering how quickly the couple moved in their relationship amidst numerous cheating scandals and other problems between the two.

It was later revealed that the split may have been due to the fact that Offset was openly trying to orchestrate a threesome with female rappers, Cuban Doll and Summer Bunni. Texts between both Summer Bunni and Offset were leaked shortly before the news of the couple’s split was announced.

A video of Summer Bunni crying on video apologizing for hooking up with Offset, only weeks before Cardi B gave birth. The high part of the video was when Summer Bunni claimed that she had no idea how serious Offset and Cardi B were married!

Cuban Doll, on the other hand, claims to have not only never hooked up with Offset, but also that she had no idea about any sort of threesome being planned. She even stated that her and Cardi B have spoken and that there’s no issue between the two.

Cardi B finally gave us our first picture of baby Kulture, less than 24 hours after announcing her split from Offset.


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