Cherry Glazerr & Slowdive @ Union Transfer 11/15

WRITTEN BY: Allison Salmon

Last Wednesday Cherry Glazerr and Slowdive took the stage at the sold out Union Transfer. The venue was the most packed I’ve ever seen it, and I’ve had my fair share of Union Transfer experiences. The crowd was a lot older than I expected, probably because Slowdive was in their prime in 1991-1993, drawing in many people that seemed to be in their 40s. However, there were a handful of kids there in their early 20s who I assume were there to catch opening act Cherry Glazerr do their thing, myself included. This age gap became super entertaining when punk/grunge band, Cherry Glazerr, took the stage at 8:30.

via Twitter @cherryglazzer

When I learned that Cherry Glazerr would be opening for Slowdive I was confused to say the least. I saw Cherry Glazerr live at the Electric Factory when they opened for Wavves and Best Coast a couple of years ago, and it is actually how I discovered the band. They’re hardcore embodying everything that rock n’ roll is about. In contrast, Slowdive definitely gives off a way chiller vibe. The two together had the crowd visibly confused, but nonetheless both bands killed it.


Cherry Glazerr has certainly become more confident since I saw them last two years ago. Lead singer Clementine Creevy didn’t hold back as she wildly swung her hair around and rolled around on the stage, proving how hard this chick truly rocks out. The greatest part about Creevy’s incredible vocals and stage presence is that she is only 20 years old. I went in looking forward to the band’s song “Grilled Cheese” off the their 2014 album Haxel Princess. When I saw Cherry Glazerr back in early 2016, this song really had me wanting to know more about the band. Similarly to the first rendition I saw of “Grilled Cheese,” Creevy opened up the song by saying, “this is a song about a sandwich.” My favorite performance from the band was “Only Kid on the Block.” The long opening with the synth was mesmerizing and definitely gave the Slowdive fans what they were looking for. Check out Cherry Glazerr’s latest album, Apocalipstick, released last Spring!

Cherry Glazerr via Twitter @cherryglazerr

The crowd was ready for Slowdive to take the stage after the aggressive performance from Cherry Glazerr. As expected, the band completely changed the vibe. Slowdive got its start back in 1989. The band’s most popular album was Souvlaki released in 1993. The stage was set up with a trippy backdrop to go with the laid back music. The performance was a little bit too slow paced for my taste, but there’s no denying that these guys still got it going on after all of these years. The talent and the passion is most definitely there. I specifically enjoyed the song “Alison” (not just because that is my name), the lyrics are killer. Check out the band’s latest album Slowdive released last Spring!

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Cherry Glazerr and Slowdive are now taking their tour over to Europe, and although the two bands draw in different crowds, I have no doubts that they are going to keep being successful and making their names heard.