Comedian, John Poveromo, Shakes Up Good Good Comedy Club

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WRITTEN BY: Victoria Leese

Sunday night, Good Good Comedy Club presented its third edition of Zodiac Killers. November’s edition?Sagittarius! Whether you are a Gemini or a Pisces, you could have taken part in watching this stellar lineup. The most intriguing and mind-boggling part? All acts were of the Sagittarius clan including New Jersey’s very own, John Poveromo.

With a witty take on life and political nonsense, Poveromo stole the show. His ability to make the audience feel cringy and uncomfortable brought us back to our adolescent period. It did not matter whether you sat in the first or last row, you were a target for punchline zingers. He knew just how to engage the crowd by navigating from one topic to the next–a skill that takes many comics years to perfect.

Poveromo played off of the recent holiday by making the audience reflect on Thanksgiving and how interesting they can become when you name drop a politician…or a certain relative.

“My grandparents did long distance for a while. He was in heaven and she was here,” Poveromo delivered. “You ever hear of couples passing after the other in a short time frame? Yeah, she joined him like three weeks later. He got his five seconds of peace!”

Make sure to mark your calendars and clear your schedule because Poveromo will be back in the Philadelphia area in February 2019.



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