FIDLAR and The Orwells Concert Review


By: Blake Jarvis

For those that went into the First Unitarian Church on last Friday night not knowing what to expect from the evening’s entertainment, they may have certainly been in for a rude awakening, but in the best way possible. Skater punk after skater punk crept into the church basement as the stench of cheap beer filled the room. After a typically, fashionably late entrance from Chicago garage rock band The Orwells, the crowd transformed into a heavy-breathing, hulking monster in an attempt to keep up with the band’s energy. The up-beat, infectiously catchy “Mallrats” kicked off the show and set the tone for the night as the blows from the mosh pit came as frequently as the guitar strums. After having the lead singer’s butt cheeks pressed against my face as he crowd surfed his way to the end of The Orwells’ set, the audience had just enough time to prepare their bodies for the main event: FIDLAR. If you were anywhere near the front of the stage like I was, then your legs were pretty much crushed from the sheer force of the crowd pushing forward. Frantic guitar playing, rapid, pounding drums, and gravelly, fuzzed-out vocals, and flying streams of PBR made it a night to remember. The band themselves told the crowd to chill out a bit after just the first few songs. While this may not be an ideal concert experience for someone with a more relaxed attitude, FIDLAR aim for a certain atmosphere and effect when they put on a show, and they more than succeeded on that end.


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