Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton Visits Temple University


PHILADELPHIA—Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke to an enthusiastic crowd on Monday at Mitten Hall.  Clinton laid out her approach to attract millennial voters, just 52 days before the Presidential Election, and one week before the first presidential debate.  Clinton laid out her policies that she believes will benefit younger voters, including college affordability and minimum wage, among several other talking points.  Clinton highlighted the fact that this generation is the most inclusive, progressive and entrepreneurial generation ever.  She played to her theme of “Stronger Together” throughout the rally, especially when addressing Republican challenger Donald Trump.  Clinton continuously hinted at the fact that she has put forth policy positions on over 20 different issues, while Trump has released his position on just nine issues in this election cycle.

“It comes down to this,” Clinton said.  “Are we going to pit Americans against each other and deepen the divides in this country? Or are we going to be, as I know we can, Stronger Together”?

Clinton didn’t hold back when addressing Donald Trump over what she believes is divisive rhetoric.

“The dog whistles are out in the open,” Clinton said.  “And despite this, I remain convinced that America’s best days are ahead of us.  In large part that’s because of the inspiring young people I meet every day.”

Clinton also mentioned what could be a problem should Trump win the election in November

“It’s wrong to put a loose cannon in charge, who could start another war,” Clinton said.

Clinton then pivoted, talking about how she and vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, would work with both parties to create what she deems “good paying jobs.”

“Tim Kaine and I have a plan,” Clinton said.  “To work with both parties and make a historic investment in good, new jobs.  We can create millions of jobs, and make life a lot better by doing things like connecting every household to broadband by 2020, and installing half of a billion solar panels.”

While millennials cheered Clinton’s speech from the crowd, Temple Democrats President Thomas Caffery enjoyed a seat directly behind the presidential nominee. Caffery, the newly elected president of the club, offered his thoughts on the event.

“The youth are very, very excited for Hillary Clinton,” Caffery said.  “I was sitting on that stage, and I saw people crying and freaking out.  It was a remarkable speech and I’m still getting chills just thinking about it now.”

Kelly Anne Young, another member of Temple Democrats, felt that Clinton was able to successfully make a connection with millennial voters.

“I got to personally talk to her, make eye contact with her, and I got to take a selfie with her, which was incredible,” Young said.  “It was great.  It was a personal connection, and you don’t get that with a lot of other politicians.”

In an election that has many people checking the box for a candidate not because they support them, but because they oppose the person they are running against, Clinton sought to capture some of the disaffection. Her particular target at this rally was the millennial population, the voting bloc that consistently fails to turn out to the polls.  She aimed to paint the future as one that is brighter than the present, in regards to the economy, national security, and social issues.

“I remain convinced, America’s best days are ahead of us,” Clinton said.  “In large part that’s because of the inspiring young people I meet every day.”


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