Efforts to Help Bird Epidemic Around Campus


By: Duncan Brady & Anthony Pearson

World resources of today are being consumed at an alarming rate when stacked up to the usage of only a few decades ago. Looking back, more resources have been consumed in the last fifty years by humans than throughout the rest of history. These resources are not all infinite and replenishable, and a change needs to be made if the world is going to sustain itself in the future. Philadelphia and Temple are, of course, no exception to the rule.

Thankfully, on the Temple Campus, recently increased efforts have been made to springboard our student body into a mindset of sustainability. In fact, housed in the central campus residence hall 1940 is the home to the sustainability living learning community (LLC). They are devoted to the promotion and act of awareness and reliability of our environment for the Temple students and community.

Stickers being used around campus
Stickers being used around campus

One of the issues that Temple University and the sustainability LLC is trying to tackle is the bird epidemic. A large population of birds is endangered by the high level of glass used in the exterior designs of university buildings. Because the birds are often unable to tell there is glass in their way, they are frequently colliding with windows, glass structures, and facades.

Vanessa Chandler Sustainabilty, LCC

“It has really been a problem here because it is injuring the birds, if not killing them” said Vanessa Chandler, a resident of the sustainability LLC.

She talked about an effort made by the LLC in partnership with the Tyler School of Art to create what is called “bird film,” a pattern or design to be added to the glass on buildings to stop birds from making contact, but still providing an aesthetic experience for Tyler students.

“It was a great addition and I think they’ll be looking to do more about that throughout the campus,” Chandler said.

Vanessa also talked about ways for all Temple students to get involved with continued efforts of sustainability.

“Even though the sustainability LLC is an LLC that is devoted to its members, we do hold events and we’re going to be holding upcoming events and programs that will allow people not only in 1940 but all around the campus to still get involved with sustainability…we need more people to make a difference.”

The LLC prides itself in the community garden and their upcoming harvesting party for all members of 1940 and anyone else who may want to join.

“We really want to be able to give that opportunity to anyone who is willing to participate,” she said.








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