Eisley @ The Foundry


On March 6, Texas natives and OG dream pop band Eisley headlined the Foundry in support of its latest release I’m Only Dreaming.

The LP is a heartfelt catharsis backed by infectious harmonies and Eisley’s signature whimsical sound. Despite its twinkly indie pop feel, lead singer and songwriter Sherri Dupree-Bemis uses the album to address the anguish of sleep anxiety. 

Dupree-Bemis’ sleep struggles were in focus. As the band took the stage, the gleaming lights in the Foundry went dead. In total darkness, a single voice spoke over the speakers. “They can’t order me to stop dreaming,” echoed throughout the building, only to be broken by the beating of Remy Dupree’s drum kit. The hit of the snare signaled the lights to shine on and Eisley began its performance with its latest single “Louder Than a Lion.” 

Photo: Tyler Carmody

After the opening song, Eisley took to its roots by playing its iconic angsty indie jam “Smarter,” from its album The Valley. Fast paced and moody, the song left fans dancing, pointing fingers in the air, and shouting lyrics above the live music. 

A continuation of the indie pop dance party prolonged with “Sad” the third song of the set. Fans wallowed in an emo sing along headed by Dupree-Bemis. When the song was over, she addressed the crowd only to simply say, “I shouldn’t have had that Philly Cheesesteak an hour ago.”

The remainder of the set list was filled with fan favorites with the occasional deep track paying homage to long time fans that knew of the older, obscure jams. And despite the band’s recent lineup change, which left Dupree-Bemis as the final original member, the crowd was receptive of the new members and new tunes. So much so, it appeared as if nothing changed. 

Aware of this, the ever grateful and always gracious Dupree-Bemis thanked fans in between songs. The connection between Eisley and the its fans was tangible as the appreciation was reciprocated in cheers and recited lyrics. 

Photo: Tyler Carmody

By the end of the night, The Foundry was filled with ecstatic fans and a passionate band. Eisley’s transparency was vivid as Dupree-Bemis stated, “we have two more songs left, encores are weird.” 

With that, Eisley closed with “Ambulance”–a slow paced, powerful song that showcases the emotion behind Dupree-Bemis’ vocals. Just as the show began, it ended in darkness, as the lights in The Foundry turned back on it was as if a dream was over and all of the fans woke up. A true testament to the I’m Only Dreaming Tour. 


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