Ellen DeGeneres is Quite Generous

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WRITTEN BY: Lindsay Muraskin

If you already thought you loved Ellen, get ready to love her ten times more. This past Thursday, February 7, 2019, Ellen presented her biggest gift yet. A whopping one million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. One million dollars went to the Daniels family.

This past November, the couple had made their debut on her show after they won the “Dancing Elves” competition. After their appearance, Ellen had to learn more about them and their family. The Daniels, Christi and Robert, have four sons and while not having much, they always find a way to give back to the community.

Something in which Ellen is extremely fond of. The second time they appeared on her show, Ellen gifted them all of her 12 Days of Giveaways gifts. While some who would receive that would keep it for themselves, the Daniel’s family did the opposite. They still wanted to keep up with their act of giving. They gave some of what they received to others because they truly believe in the art and satisfaction of giving back.

As we know, Ellen is a huge lover of giving back as well. With partnerships with Cheerios and Shutterfly, Ellen has given back so much to her beloved fans. The Daniel’s family is no exception to that, but this time she had more up her sleeve.

Ellen and Cheerio’s worked together and gave the family one million dollars. Two sets of $500,000.00, one for their own personal expenses and the other to go towards their efforts of paying it forward. Congrats to the Daniel’s family!


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