EP REVIEW: Dreaming Of by Naked Lake

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WRITTEN BY: Lily Sanders 

Philly Queer Band Naked Lake has just released their debut EP, Dreaming Of through Haunted Succulent Records. Very apropos to its title, the record puts haunting lyrics to an ethereal dream-pop sound. While the tracks were initially written by lead singer Abbie Painter and guitarist Jordan Hartsfield, Dreaming Of is a musically collaborative effort alongside band members Arik Dayan, Kelvin Ayora, and Rhiannon Newcomer. 

The track that gave the EP its namesake, “Dreaming of,” is an upbeat initial interlude. Lyrics about the cycle of wanting to experience life but getting bogged down by anxiety paired with a bright summery sound offers an interesting juxtaposition. The track is a wonderful portrayal of life as something both beautiful but also sometimes inhibiting as Painter sings, “I don’t wanna die the way I lived.” “Haunt Me” touches on the all-consuming after-effects of a breakup and all-consuming memories of an ex lover. While “Sour Spit” is a thrashing, emotional reconciliation with the harm alluded to in the preceding track and “Darling, I know” deals with the baggage of feeling like someone’s sole support system. 

Dreaming Of is a stellar debut from a local band that deserves to be on your radar. It is available on all streaming platforms as of 3/19. Naked Lake revives tried and true tales of unrequited love and commiseration, but takes the intensity down a notch with a  lively sound. 

Track Listing:

  1. Dreaming Of
  2. Haunt Me
  3. Sour Spit
  4. Darling, I Know


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