EP REVIEW: Holding On by Beach Fuzz

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WRITTEN BY: Samantha Sullivan

Beach Fuzz is back and better than ever. After an almost year-long hiatus, the Philadelphia-based band released their EP Holding On on March 5. Sporting artwork by Santo Donia it’s a fun five-track follow up to “Talking By The River.” 

The first single, “Small Talk” released in February set the tone perfectly for what was to come with its existential angst and sun-soaked riffs. Touching on everything from growing up to past heartbreaks the heavier themes of the EP are balanced out by the band’s overall brightness. Weaving in jangly riffs and shimmery keys they make it clear things aren’t all doom and gloom. Ending with nothing but hope for the future “Can’t Give It Up” is infectiously optimistic as drummer John Crane admits “I’m just so proud of all we’ve done/but I cannot wait for what’s yet to come.” 

While Beach Fuzz reaches new depths both sonically and lyrically they’re still the band from The Soda Bar that brought you Casual Encounters. Giving themselves room to experiment they manage to stay close to their DIY roots. Being careful not to appear overly polished they still have their slack-rock sort of charm that had everyone falling for them in the first place. It’s obvious upon first listen that Holding On contains future house show favorites.

Be sure to check out the new music video for the EP’s opening song “The Difference Between” here on YouTube!


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