EP REVIEW: morning by Ted When

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WRITTEN BY: Caitlin McGeehan

morning, Ted When’s recent EP celebrates the warm energy of early mornings, while also the feeling of remembrance of nights before. The former frontman of indie band Mansions on the Moon has begun a new creative phase, leading with his music. 

Ted When has created an EP with a whimsical sound in the similar veins of Glass Animals, Rufus du Sol, or Tame Impala. It is a bit difficult to categorize the singer and producer in terms of genre, as he incorporates electronic influences, along with the seeming sounds of guitar. Airy vocals float over the instrumentals laced with evident percussion to transport listeners to another world. The six-track EP seems to match the setting of a relaxing cafe, or especially with the song, “Don’t Feel Like Feeling,” a calming montage within a movie.  

The outworldly EP opens with “Nothing Left,” which seamlessly infuses Ted When’s light vocals and hard-hitting percussion: the perfect set-up and representation of his signature sound. The lyric “Something about you makes me feel like home” foreshadows the theme of “Guide Me Home” later on the EP. 

“Edge Off” adds layered harmonies to the mix of his sound, which only serve to pull you further into the alternate world of morning. Listening to this song may bring you relaxation, but the lyrics have a bit of a different intention. “Edge Off” speaks to the rough edges of escapism and how it can become detrimental, all encapsulated in the song that draws you in. The visualizer of “Edge Off” is especially interesting with its art-filled abstract animated loop of a story.

“Good Things” provides the optimism with a more prominent bassline and instrumental buildup to the chorus with lyrics of reassurance: “tomorrow’s gonna be my day.” “Eyes Closed” continues the rhythmic trend while adding tones of industrial and electric beats, with the vintage-sounding “Don’t Feel Like Feeling” wrapping up the six-track EP. 

As the fall approaches, allow morning to accompany you each chilly morning or cozy night and the the vibe of the night will be set. 


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