EP REVIEW: Songs to Yeet at the Sun by Soul Glo

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

If you have never heard of Soul Glo before, let this EP be your introduction. This Philly based hardcore band is so much more than typical hardcore. They combine so many different elements into their music that keeps it fresh and new. The only way to properly describe Songs to Yeet at the Sun is to call it off the wall wildness. The band put this release out on Touche Amore frontman Jeremy Bolm’s label Secret Voice. It has blown up since the release, basically selling out all their stock of vinyl and tapes. 

The first two tracks “(Quiety) Do the Right Thing” and “29” are the absolute craziest songs of any hardcore band in recent memory. The utter chaos and destruction that comes with these tracks needs to be appreciated by all punk fans; these are some of the heaviest tracks in the band’s discography. The next track “2K” changes pace as a trap/noise banger featuring Archangel. This song is so creative and enjoyable and serves as a break from the anarchy of the first two tracks, but only for its 3:47 runtime — once this song ends, the chaos ensues. “Mathed Up” picks up the energy and attempts to pummel the listener into submission. The band makes the listener submit with “I’m on Probation,” which is the nail in the coffin to solidify this gem of an EP, saving the heaviest track for last. Vocalist Pierce Jordan gives all he’s got left on this song and screams his absolute head off. 

Songs to Yeet at the Sun is simply a masterpiece. Soul Glo is using this as a small collection of tracks after last year’s full length to hold fans over, and it is their best work to date. The band is in full form, and is ready to take over. TJ Stevenson on drums is killer, Gianmarco Guerra holds it down on bass, Ruben Polo is a madman on guitar, and Pierce Jordan is simply the best frontman in punk, period. This band reps Philly hard, and you should support this band if you can handle their energy!

Track list:

  1. (Quietly) Do the Right Thing
  2. 29
  3. 2K
  4. Mathed Up
  5. I’m on Probation


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