EP REVIEW: The Search For The Fallen Field by Lunacy

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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

Pennsylvania based project Lunacy released its first new music of 2020, The Search for Fall Field available via Cold Moon Records. Building off the momentum of 2019’s Age of Truth, Lunacy finds itself emerging with four new dystopian instrumental tracks. They are dark, experimental, and create a world that is both sinister and vast as the tracks will have the listener escaping our reality for one that is much grander. 

To find words to describe Lunacy would have to be in the live performances. Dark, fog filled rooms of loud electronic and pulsating noises with reverbed/delayed vocals that fill the room in a kind of apocalyptic setting. Total silence blankets the room as bystanders stand in deep attention as the figure of Lunacy moves around the stage as almost an apparition. These four new tracks would embody that description as they are long running, atmospheric tracks that echo the sign of the times and focus on a specific journey that separates time. 

“Clarity (Of Subconscious)” starts off with pulsating synthesizers combined with a swirling electronic noise that opens up into an almost siren-like ambience that’s sinister and mysterious. As the track progresses the swirling becomes more abrasive until the final moments where it slowly rings out into the ether. “Crossing of Malice” electronic drum pad sets off this track as other noises fill the air until about halfway through when the abrasiveness hits the listener like a ton of bricks. The track concludes with a futuristic sounding effect that whirls out as the kick beat slows and disappears behind it. “Past Present Future” amplifies the volume that sounds reminiscent of previous Lunacy work where the loud instrumentation takes over the track. At times it builds to loud volumes, simmers back down and slides back up again to create a landscape that could be used in a post-apocalyptic film. “The Mantle” begins slowly as low beats fill the air, followed by the darkwave inspired noises that Lunacy is known to bang away at. These types of synth noises are deep and beautiful in a cathartic type of way as the sounds build up to incredible volumes and slowly begin to dissipate until pure silence is left. 

These are some of the best collections of songs by Lunacy to date. This would be the first completely instrumental collection of songs for the project and they are all just as enjoyable to listen to as any material in its discography. These shouldn’t be passed up and serve as an anarchic and beautiful interpretation of our current state of affairs. 

For Listeners Of: Fearing, Chasms, Primitive Knot


  1. Clarity (Of Consciousness)
  2. Crossing of Malice
  3. Present Past Future
  4. The Mantle


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