Everything Everywhere: At the Oscars

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WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Fulds

From left to right: Ke Huy Quan, Michelle Yeoh, Brendan Fraser, and Jamie Lee Curtis
photographed with awards of the night

This has single handedly been the best Oscar’s season in years. Real cinema is back after how
bad the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the movie industry and movie theaters. Marvel movies
are not the only movies at the movie theater anymore. And they are not the only movies
breaking box office records. It is finally exciting to go to the movies again (despite paying for the
$20 popcorn).

If you have not seen Everything Everywhere All at Once, you are severely missing out, as it
dominated this awards season.

Best Picture: Everything Everywhere All at Once


7 awards won out of 11 nominated of the night. Now the most awarded film of all time.
Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, professionally known as Daniels, directed Everything
Everywhere All at Once. They started out planning this film in 2010 narrowing down their 100

“Embrace weirdness” A24 is finally making a name for itself outside of its already known
indie film aesthetic. Every A24 has a story within a story. And it’s finally recognized by their
boldness. If anything should be understood by watching this movie, it is okay to be bold in
films and especially bold in life. Think outside of the box.

Reviews from my friends’ Letterboxd:
“Why is she so powerful yet her daughter seems to the real threat”
“Let’s find the beauty in this shitty pointless life together” ☺️
“Everything modern-day action blockbusters everywhere should be all at once: kinetic, daring,
expertly choreographed, endlessly creative, laugh-out-loud funny, doesn’t look like bland CGI
shit, and anchored by a genuine emotional core”

Best Actress: Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh as “Evelyn” in Everything Everywhere All at Once

*Reese Witherspoon voice* “Women Stories Matter- They Just Matter“.

Michelle Yeoh, the woman that you are. Evelyn, the character played by Yeoh, is
supposedly extremely ordinary, but Michelle Yeoh is nothing but extraordinary. This was the
performance of a lifetime that will be talked about for ages. “Dreams do come true”. As an
audience member you felt everything Evelyn went through because of Michelle Yeoh.
Without her, there is no best picture. No one else could have given this performance all that
it was. It was very obvious from the beginning of the awards season, she was taking it.

Best Supporting Actor: Ke Huy Quan

“Those characters they played are not considered leads, but their contribution to a film and
the importance of their role is pivotal”

You cannot not love Ke. He really took over this award season and has been a fan
favorite. How can you not root for him? The moment of him receiving his Oscar was so
magical as I felt like I was right there in that room with him. Everyone feels like their Ke’s
best friend, I mean hell, I feel like I’m his friend. I love this man and will root for him for the
rest of his career. He is the epitome of joy and you cannot help but cry and smile when his
name was announced as winner. I mean who else could it have been? “This is the American
dream”. Ke had many difficulties working in Hollywood for most of career and then quit
acting for a while. EEAAO was his return to acting after 20 years. There were no better
words to describe Waymond. There would be no EEAAO without Waymond (Ke’s character).
I thought the character was doing such a great job acting like Waymond, just acting as a sweet nice husband. And then, you find out that’s just who Ke Huy Quan is.

Best Supporting Actress: Jamie Lee Curtis

To say this bluntly, Jamie Lee Curtis did not deserve the award compared to her
competitors in the category. While Curtis gave a great performance, everyone is overlooking
the talent of Stephanie Hsu. Just a breakthrough performance. If anyone deserves the
supporting actress award, it should be Hsu. Or even Angela Bassett, who was nominated for
her performance of the grieving mother, Queen Ramonda, in Black Panther: Wakanda
Forever, who did a remarkable job in the role. I would have to believe they gave the award to
Curtis as a legacy award (nepotism baby). Another white woman could have easily played
Curtis’ role and nothing would have changed.

Best Actor: Brendan Fraser

“Create the world of the character become the character and what the performer brings to
role really makes a performance”

Brendan Fraser won the award for his performance for his role in Darren Aronofsky’s The
Whale. Fraser, out of breath and in tears receiving his award. This is a moment of a lifetime.
It is clear he never thought he would ever get the chance to get up there. Fraser put himself
into this film and appreciates the beauty this film shows. He is another face wronged by
Hollywood and is finally getting honored by his brilliance in his acting.


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