Fans Anxiously Anticipate Euphoria Season Two Finale

By: Catherine Rae

Zendaya as “Rue” in Euphoria
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What is everyone going to say to Lexi? Are Maddy and Cassie finally going to fight? What happened to Fezco? These questions and more are on the minds of Euphoria fans as they await the show’s season two finale airing this upcoming Sunday on HBO Max. 

Even if you are not a Euphoria viewer, the show has been nearly impossible to avoid on social media. This season has taken the world by storm, and it seems like everyone and anyone is talking about Sam Levinson’s recent drama. Season one of the hit show premiered in the summer of 2019 and caught the attention of millions with its stunning visuals, extremely talented cast, and captivating plot points. The show tackles issues such as drug abuse, sexuality, and the daily struggles of being in high school. Euphoria has been criticized for being “too over the top” and “unrealistic” but its loyal fan base praises the show for taking viewers into a slightly fantasy yet relatable world. 

The last time viewers saw the students of East Highland High School, they were in the school’s auditorium to see Lexi’s original play, Our Life. Embracing her role as a social “observer,” Lexi Howard, portrayed by Maude Apatow, tells the story of her life and the lives of her friends through the theatre with keen accuracy. Characters such as Maddy, Kat, and Rue quickly recognize caricatures of themselves on the stage as they hear conversations they once had with Lexi quoted verbatim among the actors in the play. With the chaos of everyone watching the play, viewers are shown shots of the beloved Fezco as he was getting ready to go to the play. Fez and Lexi have started a subtle romance this season and fans of the relationship were heartbroken to see Fez’s empty seat in the theater. It is evident that Fez’s absence is due to some sort of danger he is facing, and fans anxiously wait for Sunday night to find out if he will be okay. The drama and tension present in the auditorium have become the catalyst for the events of the season finale. 

Jacob Elordi as “Nate Jacobs” and Sydney Sweeney as “Cassie Howard” in Euphoria
Available on HBO Max

One of the most captivating aspects of this season of Euphoria has been Cassie Howard’s relationship with Nate Jacobs, the ex-boyfriend of Cassie’s best friend, Maddy Perez. Fans have not seen the two friends interact since the news of the affair broke out, and the inevitable fight is expected to occur in the last episode of season two. Another relationship that is on the rocks at this point of the season is Rue and Jules. The show’s main character Rue Bennett, played by Emmy-winner Zendaya, has been dating Jules Vaughn, portrayed by Hunter Schafer, throughout the run of this season. Battling drug addiction, Rue has been lying to Jules about her sobriety until truth came to light in the middle of the season. After Jules told Rue’s mom about her relapse, Rue told Jules that she was “dead to [her]” and the two have not seemed to talk since. Supporters of this relationship are holding out hope that Jules and Rue find reconciliation before the season’s end. 

Euphoria viewers will be counting down the seconds until 9:00 pm on Sunday for the episode to appear on HBO Max. Euphoria has already been renewed for a third season so the chances of Sunday’s episode to end on a cliff hanger are high. It is no doubt that “Euphoria” will be the top trending topic on Twitter come Sunday. 


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