Financial Aid Partners with Mobile App to Decrease Waiting Times


In an effort to reduce time and stress of waiting, Temple University Student Financial Services have collaborated with QLess, a mobile app, to allow students to enter a virtual line.

The potentially hours-long wait time is the largest issue for some students seeking Financial Aid with a face-to-face advisor.

Sarah Rothenberger, a senior sociology student, has not been to financial services since her first encounter.

“I don’t go back because after having to wait almost 4 hours one time, I decided it just like wasn’t worth it,” Rothenberger said.

The way this new system works should severely decrease this issue. There are 3 ways students can join the virtual line.

First, they can download the Qless Mobile App, available on Apple and Android devices. From there they choose “Temple Student Financial Services” and enter their full name, TU ID, and cell phone number. They will join the line and receive text alerts.

The second option now available is to text with web access to QLess via SMS. The texting phone number is (215)-792-6343 and the password is “tu sfs”. Text commands that go along with this option, according to Student Financial Services, are:

S – Status Update – tell you your current wait time

L – Leave the line if you no longer need to go to SFS

H – Help – Provides text commands available for you to use

M – Allows you more time needed if you are running late”

The third and final option is by checking yourself in at the service center by using one of the lobby kiosks. By doing this, you will be given the option to provide a cell number for text alerts.

Devrissa Knowles, who is a Peer Advisor at Student Financial Services, believes this will greatly benefit students.  

“It’s super convenient for students because if you know you need to see a financial aid advisor, with a quick text or using the app, you can save your spot in line without having to leave the comfort of your home, class, or anything like that,” Knowles said.