Girl Bye: America’s Next Top Model contestant Winnie Harlow Talks Down the Show Saying It Did Nothing for Her Career.

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WRITTEN BY: Daija Moore-Evans

Winnie Harlow, model and contestant on the twenty-first cycle of America’s Next Top Model sits down on the Andy Cohen show a few months back and says America’s Next Top Model did nothing for her career, all it is, is a reality TV show and that’s all.

Her comment sent fans into an uproar that died down but has now been revived when Andy Cohen ask America’s Next Model Third cycle winner Eva Marcille what she thinks about the comment. Marcille replies “…people forget who gave them opportunities” followed by “Everyone knows her from Top Model, Drake knows her from Top Model, Wiz Khalifa knows her from Top Model…”

It’s clear that no one is feeling Winnie Harlow and her down talk about the popular show. Even Tyra Banks herself, with her classy and calm clap back- “Did she said that? I discovered her on Instagram… Well I discovered her on Instagram and she was on the show, so what does that mean?”

Yikes, Winnie Harlow- maybe you should rethink that comment.

America’s Next Top Model premiered its first episode in 2003 and is now on its twenty-fourth season. The hit show is still going strong.



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