Gordon Ramsay’s “Hot Ones” Spices Things Up A Bit

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WRITTEN BY: Gavin Wilson

Hot Ones, the show with hot wings and even hotter questions has released its most anticipated episode yet. Sean Evans and the First We Feast Crew landed the brilliant, sailor-mouthed chef, Gordon Ramsay for the first episode of Season 8. After much pressure from the “Spice Lords,” Hot Ones Loyal Fan base, and internally from Gordon’s children challenging their father to the Hot Ones gauntlet.

Following typical format, Sean and Chef Ramsay began from a mild beginning where Ramsay wastes no time in giving coarse cooking advice for their chicken. “A mouthful of sand!” states, Ramsay.

Chef and Sean go on to discuss his career in television. Gordon Ramsay is involved in several cooking programs including Master Chef Junior which is now on it’s seventh season. Gordon also recalls some of his worst encounters in his previous work in Kitchen Nightmares. Ramsay cites pests and expired sauces discovered in failing restaurants. Ramsay proceeds to examine the expiry dates on the stage bottles of hot sauce and winces at their expiration. Lucky for Gordon, they are merely props.

Next, Sean asks Ramsay about his influencers and mentors as a young chef. Ramsay’s intense demeanour stems from his training in French cuisine and his involvement with greats of the past and present. Working with Joel Robuchon, Gordon recalls a still calculated genius on the outside, but a manic passionate chef in the kitchen. Flying food including ravioli and cooked geese were not uncommon. Things are just heating up.

In classic Hot ONes fashion, Sean brings out the laptop for “Explain that ‘Gram.” In this portion, guests are asked to explain further than the caption in some of their Instagram posts. This is a toss up for the guests, for they may either be treated or tricked depending on which posts are chosen. AMong those explained, Ramsay sat courtside with David Beckham to watch Kobe, and prepared Sea Bass and a maple tart for Putin’s lunch. Needless to say, Ramsay’s life is star studded.

Ramsay is confidently eating through the gauntlet, not without a barrage of profanity. There is seemingly no end to his hubris, until the third to last wing covered in “Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce.” After nibbling the wing, Ramsay hoots and hollers with his typical vernacular. Typical reactions for this sauce are not far off, but Gordon certainly did not come to play. Out from a bag from out of fram, Gordon pulls a bottle of bismuth. He promptly pours the bottle into a glass an slams the whole cup. Has the gauntlet defeated the poised chef?

Moving along, the spice increases and is more intense, and Gordon Ramsay’s techniques become more varios. He attempts to extinguish his mouth with sweets, then turns to citrus al whilst slurping away at his water.

In one of the most theatrical episodes yet, Gordon Ramsay shatters expectations on yet another platform. In addition to theatrics, this episode is quite messy which is unexpected from a traditional french chef.



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