Grizfolk @ Coda

WRITTEN BY: Natalie Crane

Grizfolk proved they’re aptly named as they brought their gritty folk repertoire to the stage at Coda in Rittenhouse Square.

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The show was opened by Orange County’s Armors. Their synth-infused, angst-ridden music reminds me of The Neighbourhood’s vibe meets flor and Nightly. Armors articulated how excited they were to take the stage before Grizfolk. Some of their standout songs include “Name,” “Overdose,” and “Aubrey.”

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Grizfolk began their set with one of my favorites, “Waiting For You.” This song jumps right into the heart of Grizfolk’s sound and set the bar high for the remainder of their performance. Their sound has an edge to it, marrying an old school western feel with folk rock. Other standouts include “The Struggle” and of course, “Bob Marley.” Grizfolk has a consistently fast-and-loose vibe, with each song featuring foot-stomping rhythms and lyrics to shout along to. The band also debuted a few soon-to-be-released songs including songs titled “Wasteland” and “Mercy.” “Troublemaker” was so intensified live and was my favorite song of the set. Each song was just as intense and energetic as the song before. They also played a song that is exclusive to their live performances that features the chant, “Oh my, gotta get lost.” People who have been to one of their shows before knew it and sang along. They closed with an angsty performance of “Into The Barrens” followed by their anthem, “Hymnals.”

Set list:

  1. Waiting For You
  2. Bounty On My Head
  3. The Struggle
  4. Wasteland
  5. Bob Marley
  6. Cosmic Angel
  7. Another new track, very acoustic
  8. Way Back When
  9. Vagabonds
  10. Walking Up The Giants
  11. Troublemaker
  12. In My Arms
  13. Mercy
  14. Gotta Get Lost
  15. Into The Barrens
  16. Hymnals