Gucci Mane @ The Electric Factory


On April 25, fans flocked to the Electric Factory to see Gucci Mane, alongside opening acts Playboy Carti and Dreezy, for the highly anticipated “Trap God Tour.” Gucci Mane has been showing no signs of stopping since coming back to the music scene close to a year ago. The East Atlanta Santa has been keeping busy this spring with his Trap God Tour being the first of his career, stopping in a total of 19 cities across the country. Gucci fans both old and new from the tristate area made a trip to the Electric Factory ready to see the trap god grace the stage and sing along to his catalog of hits.

Photo: Charley Parker

The show officially started at 8 p.m., as concert goers lined up outside the venue braving the rain and cold. Some fans bought last minute tickets at the box office, however there was a bit of tension as fans who paid for the VIP package to meet Gucci Mane, found out that the meet and greet was cancelled hours before the show. At first, the early birds who were the first to get inside questioned why an hour had passed and the venue seemed to still look empty. South Carolina’s own Casino Mel who has a song with Gucci Mane titled “Trap N-A.” was one of the first to hit the stage. He performed his set accompanied by two women who stood on opposite sides of the him holding cardboard cutouts of his head. Others acts followed Casino Mel such as Chicago native DJ Hoop Dreams who kept the scene lively mixing top hits that kept the crowd engaged.

Photo: Charley Parker

After the string of small artists and DJs, the crowd began to grow and in energy when Gucci Manes first tour opener Chicago emcee, Dreezy started her performance. The crowd sang along to some of her popular songs “body” and her spin-off of “Chiraq.” Originally in sunglasses and a jacket when she first came out, she soon began to shed both articles of clothing as she jumped back and forth across the stage serving as both her own hype man and famous rapper. Dreezy even got down into the crowd and rapped to her fans standing in the front row.  

In between stage adjustments the venue went from having ample arm and leg room to everyone standing shoulder to shoulder as it got closer to Gucci Mane hitting the stage. After Dreezy, the second opening act was Atlanta rapper Playboy Carti. Carti didn’t need to do much moving to get the people going, as his fan base jumped around his viral hits like, “Woke Up Like This.” Unfortunately, he decided to cut his set short due to his growing frustration when his DJ kept running into some technical difficulties. Since Carti cut his set short, there was a thirty-minute wait before the closing act. Right before the crowd got fully displeased, Gucci Mane’s official DJ, DJ Champ, appeared and played a set that got the crowd’s energy back up for the main event.

The Electric Factory soon became a sea of flashing cameras as Guwop took to the stage rapping old and new favorites such as “Lemonade” and the Drake featured hit “Both.” Gucci Mane was all smiles walking back and forth across the stage. At some points during his performance, he used a towel to wipe the sweat off of his face and threw it into the crowd as fans clamored to be the lucky one to catch it.  Gucci Mane also surprised concert goers mid-set when he bought Philly native PNB Rock on stage to perform his radio smash “Selfish.”  After the concert when asking fans what they thought about the performance over all,  Temple Student Toni Thomas, a long time Gucci Mane fan stated: “Gucci doesn’t even need a hype man his fans give him all the hype he needs.” 

Photo: Charley Parker