“Harry’s Home”: HS3 Has Finally Arrived

By: Catherine Rae

The time has finally come. Harry Styles has announced his third studio album. “Harry’s House” will be available for all to enjoy on May 20, 2022. After almost two and a half years of this “Fine Line” era, Styles is finally introducing new music, a new era, and a new aesthetic for fans to fall in love with.

After Harry’s 2021 Grammy Award performance, fans speculated that his third album might have a more rock and roll feel, more edge than previous works. This is due Harry’s leather ensemble that made “Best Dressed” lists all across the world. Additionally, his 2021 tour gave some amazing performances that showed his ability to move into the identity of a true rock artist.

Despite all of this, Harry’s new album announcement does not seem to give off a rock vibe at all. In the days leading up to the official announcement, an Instagram account entitled “@youarehome” posted daily images of a door cracked open, with some kind of image hiding behind the door. This page was not explicitly related to Styles or his new music until the image behind the door on March 23rd showed that artist himself. This was followed by an official post from Harry and HSHQ and extreme enthusiasm from fans.

If there is a word that could be used to describe the “vibe” of this new album, based on the very little details anyone has, it would be cozy. The imagery of the home, the soft colors, the warm look from Harry- it does not seem like rock and roll music will be released by Styles this May.

The real question is: What will Harry bring to the table this time? Harry’s second album, “Fine Line” was a huge success, scoring him his first Grammy. After waiting so long to release new music, fans have high expectations for Styles. The former One Direction member has been keeping himself busy with some film acting in the past year and a half so it will be interesting to see if this influences his music.

Styles has recently announced that this album’s first single, entitled “As It Was”, will make its debut on Friday, April 1st. Will this song be a love ballad or everyone’s new favorite dance track? Will it be your new cry song to

listen on a rainy day or will is be a mood booster when things are going your way? Truly, nobody knows what to expect. Styles and his team are quite unpredictable and love surprising the fans. With such a loyal fanbase with such keen eyes, HSHQ is always trying to keep fans on their toes. It has been reported that a music video will be paired with “As It Was” and a trusted source reports that the video is over seven minutes long. It seems like Harry is moving into his Taylor Swift era: ominous hints online; music videos that truly tell a story; a new era and aesthetic paired with each album. The excitement for this this studio album is palpable and waiting until May seems almost impossible.

“Harry’s Home” will be available on May 20, 2022 and the album’s first single, “As It Was” will be released on April 1, 2022.


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