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INTERVIEW BY: Caitlin McGeehan

Nashville-based pop artist Stef wants her music, visuals, and fashion to make you feel something. Her EP, A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality, and its expressive music videos draw you into the story of a relationship, and her Y2K-inspired style is top-tier nostalgic. Check out WHIP Radio’s interview with stef to hear about her songwriting process and advice, and what’s coming next!

Caitlin McGeehan: How did you come up with your EP title A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality? What does it mean to you?

Stef: I wanted to come up with a name that represents a “bump in the road” whether that is in life or in a relationship. The EP represents the life cycle of a relationship and so a breakup or a fight is the “glitch” in our reality. 

CM: What was the process behind reimagining your song “i used to build dreams about you” for this EP? 

Stef: I have “reimagined” two songs so far. It basically is just a way of stripping the song down or reimagining the production and giving the songs a new life! 

CM: What experiences and influences do you draw from most when you’re writing and recording?

Stef: I don’t really write from many of my own personal experiences. I write a lot from other people’s experiences and also my friends’ experiences. I am influenced a lot just by life and who I surround myself with. Also, if I have a favorite song at the time with some quirky sounds. 

CM: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten about songwriting?

Stef: I was given really good advice one time when I first started writing pop- “don’t be a part of the problem unless you have a solution.” 

Basically, if you don’t like something or can’t think of something, don’t make a big problem and get stuck on it unless you have a better suggestion. 

CM: Your EP was at #6 on the iTunes pop charts during release week, which is so awesome! What was your reaction when you found out? Also, here’s to manifesting that it climbs higher on the charts! 

Stef: I was not expecting it to be that high! I was working really hard basically harassing people to buy it but I wasn’t near my target number. So yes, I was very surprised. 

CM: How do your creative outlets of fashion and music play off of each other?

Stef: They are both just ways I am able to express my creativity! I feel very passionately about both and love that I can do both as a part of my career. 

CM: Anything on the way soon that you can share info about? We’re excited for whatever’s next!

Stef: I am releasing some amazing merch and there will be another EP coming this year, but it is all in the works!

Make sure to keep up with Stef on Instagram and give A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality a listen!


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