Jess Glynne’s Rise to Pop Royalty



Jess Glynne has not only topped charts and helped win a Grammy for the wildly popular Clean Bandit and their colossal pop treasure “Rather Be,” the UK singer has also topped charts aplenty in her own conquest for pop royalty. With a massive alto voice soaring from her lungs, it is no surprise her full-length album “I Cry When I Laugh” demands all ears to be directed towards her.

With singles such as “Right Here” and “Hold My Hand,” Glynne has been captivating audience since 2013, and with her newest release, we have finally been blessed with a better snapshot of what the 25 year old singer can do.

Full of emotion, hope, heartbreak, and a positive outlook of the light at the end of the tunnel, Glynne has cultivated a quintessential pop album, filled with hook after hook of larger-than-life vocals.


Glynne starts off the album on a high note with “Gave Me Something” and the 90’s throwback “Hold My Hand,” which has already topped the UK charts for 4 weeks.

As she begs “Darling hold my hand?” you can’t help but just reach for her as her vocals soar through your body and out with a hopeful exhale. The dancing doesn’t stop there, as the throwbacks continue with songs like “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself,” “No Rights No Wrongs, and “Why Me.”

But Glynne doesn’t stop with dance-pop music. With R&B cuts and piano driven ballads such as an acoustic version of Route 94’s “My Love,” “Take Me Home” and “Saddest Vanilla” featuring British Songstress Emeli Sande, the UK chart topper proves she’s more than just a nice embellishment over a dance record, she is Jess Glynne, one of 2015’s most promising pop artists on the rise.

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Jess Glynne “Hold My Hand”



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