Lew Klein Alumni Awards Showcase Media Talent


The Lew Klein College of Media and Communication held the annual Lew Klein Alumni in the Media Awards ceremony in Temple’s Mitten Hall. This ceremony acknowledged and honored some of the great things that students birthed out of Temple produced within the media industry.

The 2017 award honorees are Dean Baquet, Lorraine Branham, Benjamin Jankowski, Thomas Conti, Michael O’Shea Jr., Patrick Hally, Terry R. Taylor, and rising star Julia Nietsch.  

Executive Vice President, Provost and Professor of Law, Joanne E. Epps extends her pride in Temple and shows how much dignity the school has in offering their students with the best possible education.

“These awards showcase something very special and sentimental about Temple University, that our continued dedication, providing our students with access to opportunity,” Epps said.

Throughout this ceremony, people from all around were able to witness the great achievements that students have had after attending Temple and were able to see how far the school has come from when they first started.

Lew Klein shared his testimony on how this college for media started and became what it is today.

“When I first held classes at Temple 65 years ago, the few communications courses were actually located in the business school,” Klein said. “My classroom was a former bedroom in a converted rowhouse on park avenue. My first class had seven students. Today the college of media and communications welcomes students from all around the world. Temple has advanced from a commuter school, to an internationally recognized educational institution.”

Faculty, students, and alumni, showed much pride in Temple due to the success that it’s had, and how much it continues to grow and make an impact on the world.

Jim Cawley, Temples leader of Fundraising and alumni operations shared a powerful message about the greatness of Temple and what it can produce.

“Regardless of what zip code you grow up in, if you show up with drive, if you show up with determination, there’s a world-class faculty and outstanding facility ready to help you realize your potential,” Cawley said. “That’s the true mission of Temple University. That is the mission that all of you are supporting.”