Little War Twins at Ortlieb’s



Little War Twins was a guest in September on WHIP’s Philadelphia local music show, Under the Radar. Though they are actually from Boston, MA, they’ve toured with Philly local bands such as Galvanize and last night they put on another great show in Philly at the tiny Northern Liberties bar/venue Ortlieb’s. I’ve seen them once before at the Legendary Dobbs and it only took that one show to sell me on their obvious talent and insane passion.

During their humble beginnings in the early spring of 2013, LWT took the national touring leap. They built a bed in the back of a 1998 Plymouth Voyager minivan, and promoted their first demo, “Marvelous Mischief”. This tour took them to over 80 cities, performing over 170 shows across the nation. After nine months on the road, the minivan died, forcing the duo to invest in a 2003 Ford Econoline aptly named “CHIEF”. The Twins built another plywood bed inside and took CHIEF on their second journey across the United States for six months.

Currently, Little War Twins continue to reside in their van while touring the North East, southern and southwestern United States. In 2015 LWT released their new record, Warrior (Deluxe EP), which has lead them into the national festival circuit. With each new song and performance, Little War Twins continue to dive deeper into a more musical and spiritual journey. Lead singer, Gaetana said last night’s show at Ortlieb’s was their last one in Philly for a couple months, but they are recording more music and continuing their tour in other states. It’ll be 2016 until they’re back to play in Philadelphia.

The newly engaged couple meshes so well on stage, and it’s obvious their main goal is to entertain and rock as hard as they can.

So LWT were actually opening for the main band of the night, instrumental rock duo Air Is Human. The band is made up of Jeff Lucci and Josh Aptner who met in Philadelphia, PA in the winter of 2011 and quickly bonded over a love of music, like many Philly musicians tend to do. Six months later, the two set up a recording and rehearsal studio outside of Philadelphia. The sound they wanted to achieve offers a balance of groove, ambience, aggression, and melody coupled with rhythmic complexity. They refined their sound and diligently began working on creating an album. Within that year, they finished writing and recording “The Infinity Limit”. Josh says they are recording new albums every equinox, which is very cool and goes well with their spacey kind of sound. Their discography is made up of other spacey sounding titles such as “The Infinity Limit”, “Enchantment Zone” and “Solstice 1”.



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