LIVE: Travis Scott at Wells Fargo Center

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On December 1st, Travis Scott performed at the Wells Fargo Center for the Philadelphia stop of his Astroworld tour. Between his relationship with the ever influential Kylie Jenner, birth of baby Stormi Webster, and release of the album, Astroworld, the rapper has gotten a great deal of attention in the past year. Just a few years ago, he was doing shows in small, standing room venues. Taking on a stadium audience and engaging the large crowd is a much more difficult feat. However, seeing that Travis has always had such high energy and has been known to do outlandish things during his concerts (i.e., performing “Antidote” from a tree at MIA) his performance style transitioned seamlessly to the big stage.

Fireworks, fire, a roller coaster, a giant inflatable astronaut, the legendary sculpture-esque Travis head, and Astroworld money confetti were all things that literally made the experience “out of this world.” Scott had two stages placed on either side of the stadium floor, while those with GA tickets stood in the middle. Visuals were projected on to the front stage’s panel as well as two side panels around the side boundaries of the floor. The visuals consisted of Astroworld emblems used in Travis’ advertisements, but also included colorful abstract shapes and waves. The set design was remarkable, opulent and excessive, but complemented Travis Scott’s album in the best way possible.

Travis’ energy never waned. Throughout the show, there was never an instance where he appeared to be tired. He consistently danced and jumped for the show’s entirety. In his performance of “Sicko Mode” alone, he likely exhausted the same amount of energy artists use in an entire concert. His voice flawlessly projected with the sound system, and vocals were consistently good. The concert’s setlist was not limited to the Astroworld album and featured favorites like “90210” and “Mamacita,” something appreciated by dedicated fans.

Travis was not the only star of the Astroworld tour. He brought along Sheck Wes, Gunna, Trippie Redd, and had a surprise performance with Lil Uzi. These performers opened the concert. As per usual, Sheck Wes and Lil Uzi had impressive performances, their abilities on par with the headliner’s. “Mo Bamba” live was just as great as one would expect. It served as a great precursor to everything that would happen next during Travis’ performance. Gunna was a good addition as well. Contrastingly, Trippie Redd’s performance was a bit lackluster. There were rumors that he was sick that show, which may have accounted for the fact that he showed less enthusiasm and energy onstage than other performers.

Ultimately, Travis Scott proved he was capable of taking on larger venues. With seated venues, it is difficult to get an audience jumping and dancing, but every member of the audience acted as if they had a standing room ticket. If given the opportunity to see a Travis Scott show in the future, go, you won’t regret it.


  1. Stargazing
  2. Lose
  3. Carousel
  4. Quintana
  5. Uptown
  6. Way Back
  7. Mamacita
  8. Butterfly Effect
  9. No Bystanders
  10. Don’t Play
  11. 3500
  12. Skyfall
  13. Upper Echelon
  14. Through the Late Night
  15. Drugs You Should Try It
  16. Love Galore
  17. 90210
  18. Skeletons
  19. Astrothunder
  20. R.I.P. Screw
  21. Houstonfornication
  22. Stop Trying to Be God
  23. NC-17
  24. ZEZE
  25. Yosemite
  26. Beibs in the Trap
  27. Piss on Your Grave
  28. Can’t Say
  29. Antidote
  30. Goosebumps
  31. Sicko Mode


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