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WRITTEN BY: Vince Barreras

“Disco for Dissent” is going to be a live stream charity event in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and benefiting the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. The stream is being hosted by two people who are involved in the Philly goth scene: DJ Baby Berlin and Lazy Astronomer. Lazy Astronomer is the host of BLOODSTREAM, which is a weekly interview series featuring artists of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and others talking about racism and how to make the goth scene a more inclusive environment for all. Disco for Dissent will feature LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and lady performers from around the country. The event takes place October 27 at 7PM on

Check out this playlist of artists being featured during this livestream on Spotify below!

Poster created by Blood Handsome


  • DJ Baby Berlin (Philadelphia)
  • Vox Sinistra (Seattle)
  • DJ Hate Mior (Toronto)
  • Adrienne Scissorhands (San Francisco)
  • Victoria Rawlins (Los Angeles)


  • Twin Tribes (Brownsville, TX)
  • Lovelorn (Philadelphia)
  • Ren Flowers (New York)
  • Blood Handsome (Los Angeles)
  • HALLOWS (Seattle)

Meet the Hosts!

Lazy Astronomer

BLOODSTREAM is Ashley Peel, a local Philadelphia business owner (see @philadelphia_independents), and photographer (@lazyastronomer). You can catch Ashley documenting almost every and any goth show in Philadelphia and taking some of the most incredible photographs of bands and artists that come in and out of the city. During quarantine, and fueled by the nation’s unrest, Ashley had the idea of hosting an interview-based live event on Instagram every Tuesday at 10PM, and thus BLOODSTREAM was born. She features artists who have musical, DJ, and art backgrounds and talks about racism within the goth scene and ways to eliminate those attitudes and create for a more inclusive scene. Keep on the lookout for more BLOODSTREAM events!

DJ Baby Berlin

Originally from Virginia, DJ Baby Berlin (aka Amber Lynn Ensign) is a Philly DJ who is a purveyor of all things alternative. She is known for her monthly dark 80s inspired party called “A Black Celebration” held at the Ruba Club established in 2015, heavily influenced by Depeche Mode, new- wave, no-wave, dark-wave, synth-pop, post-punk, goth. She is also a top Philly female wedding DJ who specializes in alternative and LGBTQ+ weddings. You can catch her @djbabyberlin and @ablackcelebrationphilly for her monthly 80s dance party and Twitch streams!

Meet the Artists!

Philadelphia’s own duo Lovelorn started in 2018 (ex-Creepoid, ex-Funeral Bird) and plays self-proclaimed drug pop music that’s a mix of dark, psychedelic, and atmospheric sounds. Their wild and noisy live performances are led by the fierce duo of Anna and Pat Troxell. When live performances begin again, Lovelorn are a must see! Follow them on Instagram @lovelornphilly!

Ren Flowers is the New York City based darkwave solo project of Reed Gardner. His sound combines the frantic energy of post-punk, new-wave, and dark-wave with melancholy vocals and lyricism. Reed is also a BLOODSTREAM alumni and can be found on Instagram @renflowersmusic!

HALLOWS is a Seattle-based dark-wave/post-punk duo. Dom R. and Vanee D. describe their music as layers of yearning sounds, bleeding into uplifting, sanguine beats, with an intimate message about modern day malaise told from an exposed, vulnerable lens. Dom and Vanee are also BLOODSTREAM alum! Follow them on Instagram @hallowsmusic_!

Blood Handsome is the musical project of Gerren Reach based in LA. He has created his own kind of sound that blends elements of dark-wave/trip-hop/hip-hop/post-punk. This sound is unique to the project; his new album “Rituals” is incredible and available via Cleopatra Records. Gerren is also a BLOODSTREAM alum and can be found on Instagram @bloodhandsome!

Twin Tribes is the musical project of members Joel Niño, Jr., and Luis Navarro. They are based in Brownsville, Texas and play a brand of post-punk/dark-wave that features cold synths, reverb-soaked guitars with dark, melodic sounds and lyrics about the undead, the occult, and parallel universes! Twin Tribes can be found on Instagram @twin_tribes!

Meet the DJs!

Vox Sinistra is Brittnie Fuller: a live- DJ, radio DJ, and show promoter in Seattle. She hosts weekly livestreams “Strict Tempo” which was also the name of her in-person live events. “Strict Tempo” airs every Thursday on Twitch at 10pm EST/7pm PST. “Strict Tempo” combines live musical acts of bands, and different DJs and also provides an online community for people who tune in regularly! Follow her on Instagram @vox.sinistra!

DJ HATE Mior is a Toronto-based internationally touring DJ, mixing post punk, goth, deathrock, punk, industrial, coldwave, synthwave, and vaporwave. Kate Mior works a fashion designer, and a former circus performer — they’re an all around rad person. Follow them on Instagram @hatemior!

DJ Adrienne Scissorhands is a San Francisco- based post-punk, goth, and deathrock DJ and founder of Post-Mortem, a monthly dance party in SF! She’s also a hairstylist, vegan, and mother of cats! Follow Adrienne on Instagram @adriennescissorhands!

LA native Victoria Rawlins is a multi-faceted artist, vinyl DJ and cultural producer. For the past twelve years, she has been creating unique soundtracks for countless clubs, lounges, and festivals. Her work emphasizes the intersection between electronic dance music, global disco sounds and punk rock attitude. Follow Victoria on Instagram @rawvictoria!


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