Local Music Spotlight: Expert Hummus

Expert Hummus (Photo: Ash Miller)
Expert Hummus (Photo: Ash Miller)


Life long friends Ash Miller and Braxton Kocher came together on Thanksgiving 2015 with the intent to simply get drunk. But what began as a night of drinking ended in an entire EP recorded on an iPhone5 in record timing. The indie-acoustic act call themselves Expert Hummus, and have been playing music together ever since.

The band’s latest release, “Human Trash Club,” is composed of unconventional ear worms that capture a quirkiness bordering on satire. Kocher belts obscure lyrics over an acoustic guitar, reminiscent of folk-punks The Front Bottoms and pop punk legends Saves The Day, while Temple University’s own Ash Miller lends her talents on the ukulele, adding to the band’s overall indie-rock sound. With songs like “All The Guys I’ve Ever Loved I Met At Theatre Camp,” the duo showcases its ability to evoke emotion through simplistic instrumentation and seemingly personal anecdotes. Conversely, “The First Worst Thing You Can Do” is a light-hearted humorous jam that begins with Kocher singing that “the first worst thing you can do is kiss Ashley’s dad.”

After speaking with Expert Hummus about their formation and experience as a duo, it’s clear that this band is just pure fun. The dynamic between Miller and Kocher is compelling, a true testament to the friendship that spans almost a decade. This relationship shines through in their music.

“The band is comprised of a klepto and an aspiring anti-hero,” Kocher said, oh so eloquently.

This response is proof that Expert Hummus is just as unconventional as its lyrics.

“If I had to compare Expert Hummus to someone, I would say we sound like the Front Bottoms, if the Front Bottoms weren’t catchy and their lyrics weren’t decent,” Kocher said, ever so humbly. “In my make-believe-land, I like to pretend we’re as good as PWR BTTM.”

In my opinion, the duo is well on its way to reaching the greatness of PWR BTTM.

Expert Hummus makes its music exclusively available on SoundCloud. To hear about upcoming shows, simply follow their Facebook page.


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