Local Music Spotlight: Onett

Onett is an emo band on the rise in the city of Philadelphia. (Photo: Jasjit Kaur)
Onett is an emo band on the rise in the city of Philadelphia. (Photo: Jasjit Kaur)


The influence of the DIY community is audible when listening to up-and-coming emo band Onett. Formed after bassist and vocalist Aidan Rogers experienced enough girl troubles to write an album about, Onett has continued to cultivate a sound that is reminiscent of former Philadelphia emo bands Algernon Cadwallader and Marietta.

Onett is comprised of vocalist and bassist Aidan Rogers, vocalist and guitarist Brian Rogers, guitarist John Tran, and drummer Chris Boyle. The band’s debut release, “P.S. Go Bills,” is a testament to its ability to emulate the classic emo stylings of bands like The Promise Ring, as well as more contemporary artists like Old Gray.

“P.S. Go Bills” is an extremely cohesive record. Each track on the album incorporates the infectious elements of emo music that make it so popular. With intricately played guitars, droning bass lines, and blistering drums, the five song album is a nod to the greats that inspire the rising DIY band.

While Onett’s first album is simple in its approach toward producing music that’s catchy and genre-driven, there’s a sense of uniqueness that leaves listeners satisfied. The band embraces its one-of-a-kind nature, as bassist Aidan Rogers acknowledges that the goal for the band is to create music that “sounds like something you haven’t heard before, but makes you feel at home.”

Familiarize yourself with Onett by heading to their Bandcamp, and be sure to check out the band on Feb. 25 at Fenn’s Coffee in West Chester and Feb. 26 at The Fire in Philly.


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