Local Music Spotlight: TIOGA

TIOGA (Photo: Ashley Gellman)
TIOGA (Photo: Ashley Gellman)


The Killers, 1975 and Two Door Cinema Club are just a few big name bands that come to mind when listening to Drexel University’s own TIOGA. Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Greg Adams, bass and keyboard player Austin Paragas and guitarist Derrick Dieso, TIOGA’S unique blend of alternative rock and indie pop helps the Philly band stand out as an up-and-coming act within the city. The band’s latest EP, “Sycamores,” solidifies its versatile sound through the inclusion of various elements of alternative-rock. With each song incorporating the best of what indie alternative has to offer, there is something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

TIOGA’S ability to create a cohesive sounding EP that dabbles in various sub-genres of alternative music is a testament to the band’s overall talent. This, along with the fact that TIOGA formed less than a year ago, is extremely impressive.

Prior to the release of their EP, I spoke with the members of TIOGA before they played a show at The Dollhouse, a show space in a house’s basement located just off of Temple’s campus. We discussed their formation, their music, and their hopes for the future of TIOGA.

The band’s background is rooted in pure serendipity. The organic assembly of the trio is mirrored through the effortless groove of its music. Prior to their formation, Dieso was reluctant to book Adams to play an acoustic set. Pleasantly surprised by what he heard, and blown away by Greg’s talent, Derrick set his sights on playing music with him. Coincidentally, Paragas was Dieso’s roommate and the two regularly played music together. Forming TIOGA became a no-brainer, and soon the band was cultivating a sound that, according to Dieso, is “nothing that [he] has ever done before.”

“We are a little weird, but weird is good,” Paragas said, agreeing with the sentiment. “Stay weird. That is the best advice I’ve ever gotten.”

If weird is good, TIOGA is the best band around. The band’s music is available on its BandCamp, and the guys will be playing Feb. 4 at the Fire. With an upcoming EP set to be released in March, TIOGA is sure to play plenty more shows in the near future.



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