Long Story Short: Episode 14

Weightlessness: it’s a word that could be used to describe how finishing finals week feels. It can ALSO describe what microgravity feels like. If you’ve ever seen astronauts on the ISS flying around, it probably looks pretty fun! And with commercial space flight in our future, you may even get to experience it someday! But is it safe? The human body is the result of countless years of evolution, all which occurred in the presence of gravity. Are we able to function when it is taken away?


VSAUCE explanation of gravity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc4xYacTu-E

Space footage from NASA archives


Filmed and edited by Anthony Pearson

Written by Julius Toth


Music Credit:

00:01 Cocktail by Lucky Chester

02:44 Hard Boiled by Kevin MacLeod

05:36 Innermission by AIRGLOW


All music used under Creative Commons attribution licenses.

AIRGLOW music obtained from Royalty Free Planet on Youtube

Kevin MacLeod’s music is available at https://incompetech.com

Cocktail available at: https://soundcloud.com/lucky_chester/royalty-free-lofi-hip-hop-beat-cocktail-prod-lucky-chester


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