Long Story Short: Episode 9

Have you ever tried to fit more things into a bag, just for that bag to rip open or become too heavy to lift? What would happen if you kept going? And going? Eventually, the fundamental forces that make up the universe would prevent you from going further… but what if, with the force of many suns, you somehow forced even more matter in? You would create one of the most interesting objects we know to exist: a gravitational singularity. A black hole.

In this episode of Long Story Short, we’re talking about black holes, some of the most extreme and interesting objects in the known universe.

Filmed and edited by Anthony Pearson

Researched and written by Julius Toth

Music Credit:

00:04 We’re Finally Landing by HOME

04:10 2014-05-27 Ambient Chill by Aaron Chesney

13:00 Innermission by AIRGLOW

17:21 Spire by Kurfew