Mac DeMarco @ The Mann


Mac DeMarco rocked the Skyline Stage @ The Mann on a humid September night this past Sunday. The venue was crowded and eager to see Mac perform songs off of his latest album ‘This Old Dog’ which was released in May. While I’m a huge fan of Mac’s hit album, ‘Salad Days’ released in 2014, ‘This Old Dog’ takes the crown for favorite Mac album. ‘This Old Dog’ is heartfelt and hypnotizing, with melodic guitar riffs and mesmerizing synth, it was safe to say that I was more than ready to see Mac perform some hits off this.

Mac DeMarco by Allison Salmon

Right off the bat, Mac performed my favorite song off of his latest album, “On The Level” and then went right into perhaps his most popular song, “Salad Days”. I’ve heard from many fans that Mac concerts were one of a kind, and they weren’t joking. The canadian born singer and songwriter started making music back in 2008 immediately after he graduated high school. Mac is undoubtedly a perplexing fellow, but there’s no questioning his talent. Talking in a faux gravelly cigarette tainted voice and covering songs like “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton, DeMarco kept the crowd entertained to say the very least. Mac pointed out a random fan and brought him on stage, allowing him to play his guitar for a couple songs. The lucky fan knocked it out of the park and gave Mac a run for his money. Towards the end, DeMarco crowd surfed through a sea of over excited fans, all crowding towards the center in hopes of getting a hand on him. My favorite stunt that Mac pulled was getting the entire crowd to sit down on the ground while he serenaded us. DeMarco came back out for a short and slow encore, performing the last song off of ‘This Old Dog’ called “Watching Him Fade Away”. A few highlights from the show include “For The First Time”, “Moonlight on the River”, and of course Mac’s hit song “Chamber of Reflection”.

Mac DeMarco by Allison Salmon

Mac clearly put on a hell of a show, and I highly recommend catching him in concert before his U.S. tour wraps up in mid-October. Don’t miss out or sleep on his latest album release, “This Old Dog”, available on Apple Music and Spotify now!


  1. On the Level
  2. Salad Days
  3. No Other Heart
  4. For the First Time
  5. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
  6. This Old Dog
  7. Cooking Up Something Good
  8. My Old Man
  9. Ode to Viceroy
  10. A Thousand Miles
  11. Dreams From Yesterday
  12. Freaking Out the Neighborhood
  13. One More Love Song
  14. My Kind of Woman
  15. Moonlight on the River
  16. Chamber of Reflection
  17. Still Together
  18. Watching Him Fade Away