Marvel Movies Might Win It At This Year’s Oscars

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WRITTEN BY: Ricardo Burks III

2018 was a good year to be a Marvel fan. Black Panther, Infinity War, The Spider-Man (don’t forget the hyphen folks) PS4 game, and Into the Spider-verse were all enjoyable films. Black Panther and Into the Spider-verse are up for awards at the Oscars and Spider-verse even won a Golden Globe.

Marvel movies have come such a long way since the first Iron Man. Not only are these movies still fun and enjoyable but they have garnered more respect with a wider audience. What’s more is that if Black Panther or Spider-verse does make it in the elite club, it wouldn’t be the first Marvel comic characters to do so. Spider-Man 2, starting the decisive Tobey McGuire, also received an Oscar for best visual effects. Big Hero 6, a collaborative effort between Disney and Marvel also won an Oscar for best animated film.

Even more Marvel favorites were nominated like the aforementioned Iron Man and a personal favorite, Guardians of the Galaxy. That being said, I believe this year both Black Panther and Spider-verse have a real shot at making the coveted list.

As time goes on technology gets better. The tools we use improve and the outcome of that is a dramatic increase in quality. If Spider-Man 2 can win best visuals, then why wouldn’t Black Panther have the same chance for sound mixing and the like? Audio and visual editing may seem like two different worlds but the underlying premise, the tools being improved upon, is not. If we follow that logic, then if Big Hero 6 can win then why not Spider-verse?

Regardless, Marvel fans are thrilled to have multiple movies nominated for one of the biggest movie awards of the year. As the storylines continue to carry on, and as technology continues to get better and better, we can expect to see more Marvel movies nominated in the future for sure.


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