Nero’s Return To The Electronic Mainstream Satisfies Fans


The always-intriguing electronic music duo from the London, UK featuring the vocalist Alana Watson has always been an influential pioneer for electronic music as we see it in 2015. Whether you see their influence in the grimy dubstep of Skrillex’s music, the beautiful melodies in Porter Robinson’s Worlds, or the pulsating beats of Deadmaus’ electro anthems, Nero has always given fans of music in any genre a reason to open your ear to their capabilities.

Not much has been heard of Nero since its last full album release Welcome Reality in 2011 featuring the hits, “Promises” and “Must Be The Feeling”. There have been remixes by other artists; however, the anticipation has finally paid off for fans of Nero and electronic music as a whole. Nero’s album Between II Worlds features groundbreaking songs that cover every subgenre of EDM as well as hints of modern rock and pop music. For a person that purely enjoys experimental sounds, this LP is gold.

If your cup of tea happens to be the dub step punches that brought the band to their stardom, songs like “The Thrill” and “Dark Skies” enforce the head-banging bass hooks that they’ve become so popular for.

If the alternative, melodic aspect of electronic music is what suits you, try the perfectly sculpted tracks of “It Comes And It Goes”, “What Does Love Mean”, and“Circles” to take you into your own state of mind.

And if it is the four-on-the-floor dance grooves that have you jumping on bass drops, move your feet to the songs of “Two Minds” and “Satisfy”.

You can grab this continuously mixed full LP on iTunes and Google Play and streaming on all services.


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