New Track Jukebox – 10/4/21

A jukebox themed weekly recap of notable new releases

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CONTRIBUTIONS FROM: John Peterson, Will Kirkpatrick, Angelika Gamwell, Eva Agabegi, and Lindsey Hernandez

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Punch Brothers are in peak form, delivering the best bluegrass the world has to offer. This time, they cover Tony Rice, elevating his fantastic songwriting with an incredible arrangement. – John Peterson

The beat is metallic, and at times quite jarring, but grape milk’s gentle voice relaxes the track into something beautiful. Ryan Leahan’s feature lifts the energy of the track just when it starts to dip. – John Peterson

Hmmmm, more synth-pop. Seems like every artist is leaning into this sound. Although it’s on the verge of being overplayed, IAN SWEET still succeeds in making a great track, largely due to her unique vocal delivery. – John Peterson

This very lyrically heavy ballad is a perfect listen for when imposter syndrome begins to kick in. The song encompasses what it means to never let life pass you by just because you feel like you’re not good enough. Martin’s captivating vocals and the soft piano harmonies in the background pair together beautifully. – Eva Agabegi

Were you looking for the next song on your coming-of-age soundtrack? If so, Benroberts. captures exactly what it feels like to have way too much time on your hands in the middle of summer. If you need some nostalgia, or caught yourself driving down the highway for hours at a time, you found the perfect new song for the journey! – Lindsey Hernandez

“Incendio” is an infectiously chaotic track. Mixed with pitched vocals, mechanic percussion, and glitchy synths, Arca displays her rapping prowess and features ad-libs that reveal a slight hip-hop influence. This song will leave you with Arca’s jarring cries of “INCENDIO!!” ringing in your ears. – Angelika Gamwell

Hovvdy’s iconic sound is back in full effect on True Love. “Lake June’s” gentle and warm sonic atmosphere refuses to demand attention, but gently directs it. Notice the layered vocal melody, the saturated guitar, the shy piano, and return to what you have lost. – John Peterson

Look, this song is produced like it’s 2002 (in a corny way), but P.J. Morton’s voice is like silk. When he reaches the second chorus at the 2-minute mark, the song is in full swing, with background singers, horns, and a string section. – John Peterson

 illuminati hotties know how to not take themselves too seriously. With songs like “Protector,” however, they drill into the melodrama, making full use of Sarah Tudzin’s soft voice over slow-moving guitar chords. – John Peterson

If you have a Tame Impala itch, Pond just might be able to scratch it. With synths and vocals from outer space, “Song For Agnes” stays on the ground thanks to the powerful and erratic drums. – John Peterson

Mikaela Davis brings us a cover of this Mapache song. Mikaela’s elegant harp playing makes this song a heartfelt ode to both the excitement of playing live music again and Mapache. The soft harmonies and stripped-down instrumentals lift you up and carry you along. – Will Kirkpatrick

Up for Debate:

IDLES shoots for something different with this 6/8 RnB groove. Of course, the distorted guitars and pounding drums provide an expected punk heaviness. Unfortunately, Joe Talbot’s voice is simply not meant to sing in this context, and the obvious pitch correction being applied ruins the track. – John Peterson

If this song was 5bpm faster and had a bit less reverb it would be a proper dance track. The disco beat is soured, however, by the unnecessary vibey aesthetic that dominates the song. – John Peterson

Get off the Aux:

Music legends Elton John and Stevie Wonder team up for this gospel influenced ballad. There really is nothing stand out about this track at all. Elton rhymes you five times in the first 20 seconds with the same affliction that made me dread the next four minutes of the song. There is nothing inherently bad about the music on the track, but it just falls short of what you’d expect from these two teaming up. – Will Kirkpatrick


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